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Adobe - Log Out and Login to Resolve Sign-In Issues

Question How can I resolve problems with signing in to use Adobe products?  Overview Make certain you are logged out of Adobe through Adobe Creative Cloud. Find Adobe Creative Cloud in

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Windows

Question How do I setup the VPN client? How do I connect to MavDISK or MavPRINT from off campus? Overview You can connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software using your

Resolving Issues with Wi-Fi Connectivity in Academic Buildings (Non State-Owned Devices)

 computer If upon reboot this does not fix their wireless connectivity, the installation fails, or you continue to have connection issues, proceed to step 2   Verify that the operating system

FlexSync Classroom: Zoom Viewers Hearing a Constant High Pitch Squeal and other Micrphone Issues

issues ... Question How do I fix the zoom viewers hearing a constant high pitch squeal?  Overview In the rack at the teachers station find the Vaddio box. This rack is on the teaching side, and might

Guest Wi-Fi Access

as MavDISK or ISRS are not accessible on the MavGuest Wi-Fi network. Students, faculty, and staff should use eduroam, MavNet and MavNet-Encrypted instead of MavGuest.   MavGuest Wi-Fi network is

ImageNow: Report an Issue With an ImageNow eForm

Question How do I report an issue with ImageNow?  Overview Complete eForm Incident form to report an issue.   Request Help

Connecting to eduroam with macOS

mac ... Question How do I connect to eduroam from a Mac?  Overview  eduroam is the preferred Wi-Fi network for students, faculty, staff, and guests personally owned devices to use that's secure and

How to Connect to MavLABS

be saved in the computer. You should save any files you have in your MavDisk or OneDrive.   How do I log out from the computer? Can I shut down the computer? Ans: To log out from the

Issuing a Cell Phone and Other Mobile Computing Devices

Question How do I get a company issued cell phone?  Overview Before issuing a cellphone, review the University's cell phone policy and the instructions below. Then fill out the review form

Outlook General Troubleshooting

Windows Troubleshooting and choose one of the topics on the left-hand side For Outlook issues on a Mac, please see Outlook For Mac Troubleshooting If none of the above steps resolve the issue, rebuild

D2L Brightspace: Known Issue in Respondus Monitor Facial Recognition and Masks

Question How do I turn off the 'facial recognition requirement' feature in Respondus Monitor?   Overview There is a known issue with Respondus Monitor while taking Quizzes in D2L

Connecting to Krypton

Question How do I connect to Krypton?  How do I use putty on my windows machine to connect to putty?  How do I access Krypton from my mac? Overview File Uploading: The hostname for the

Shared Mailboxes Setup

based MavMAIL (OWA) - Method 2 Outlook 2013 and newer (Windows) Outlook 2016 and newer (Mac) Method 1:  Direct Access Web Based MavMAIL (OWA) This will let you directly access the mailbox

Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication Compatible Email Clients

2019 - Windows or Mac Outlook 365 - Windows/Mac Outlook 2016 - Windows or Mac Outlook App - Android or iOS Native Mail App - iOS 11 or later Mac Mail - Mac OS 10.14 or later Thunderbird 77.0b1 and later   Request Help

Cisco Jabber Client: Call Center Initial Setup

help you get the client launched and connected on your Windows computer Our knowledge article: Installing and Running VPN on Mac can help you get the client launched and connected on your Mac computer