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MavLife/Ready Education Course Integration Overview

Overview Courses integrations pull from both your Student Information System (via CSV) and from D2L. Breakdown of Sources by Integration feature: Course List – CSV Course Detail and

Reference Manual for Cisco IP Desk Phones, Models 7945 and 7965

Overview DIALING CODES Extension: Last 4 digits of DID number Local: 9 + 7 Digit Number Long Distance: 9 + 1 + Area Code + Phone Number (Cost: 5.5¢ Per Minute) 800/500 Numbers: 9 + 1

D2L Brightspace: Data Requests

Question How do I get D2L Brightspace data? Overview Description of Service Category  IT Solutions provides raw data from D2L Brightspace Data Hub. Requests may include faculty access to

iOS MavMAIL (Office 365) Setup

Question How do I setup my iPhone or iPad with Office365? Overview Note: Instructions may vary depending on the version of the application you are using. Update the iOS Mail application on

Microsoft Teams - Login

Question How do I sign into Microsoft Teams?  Overview Sign into Teams by using your for students, or for staff and StarID pass

Remove From Email List

Overview A student who has graduated may still be receiving emails from MNSU by mistake. Resolution This typically means they have a forward in place. Provide the user with the necessary

Microsoft Teams - How to Create a Team

Question How can I create a Microsoft Team? Overview Note:  Microsoft Teams can only be created by employees (staff, faculty, & teaching graduate assistants.)    Teaching Graduate

Outlook Emails - Delivery Delay

Question Why are some emails being delayed when sending?  Overview ·Safe Links is a Microsoft feature that in part provides scanning and verification of links in email messages. The Pre

D2L Brightspace: Add a Teacher's Assistant or Co-Instructor

Question How do I add a Teacher's Assistant in D2L Brightspace? How to I request enrollment of a Co-Instructor in my course? Overview Use our Add a TA or Co-Instructor form to fast track your

Installing Software from Software Center on Windows

Question How do I install software from Software Center onto my computer?  How do I install SPSS on my workstation? Overview Open Software Center.  Note:  If you have questions on

Configuration Manager: Manual User Update

Question Questions related to article here Overview Launch the Control Panel Click on the search box and type Configuration Manger and then click search, alternatively press

Depositing Money in MavCASH

Question How do I deposit money into MavCASH? Overview MavCASH has been discontinued as of May 2020. Funds can no longer be added, and account holders have been refunded

Activate StarID With Personal E-mail Address

Question How to Activate StarID With Personal E-mail Address Overview Navigate to .       Note: After StarID activation, your credentials should be ready

Request IT Solutions Print Materials

Need informational materials on campus tech? We've got you! Take a look at our materials, request what you need, and we'll deliver right to your office! View catalog Request materials

D2L Brightspace: Change Email Address

Question How do I change my email address in D2L? Overview The D2L Brightspace email is automatically pulled in from the official Registrar's records. This is an automatic process and cannot