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Connecting to eduroam with Windows 10

internet ... Question How do I get eduroam to work? How do I login to eduroam? What Wi-Fi network should I use? Overview eduroam is the preferred Wi-Fi network for students, faculty, staff and

Remote Connection to a Common Desktop using WorkMSU - Macs

normally would To Disconnect: Double-click on the Logoff button in the bottom left-hand corner If the Icon did not automatically appear on your desktop, please follow

MavAPPS for Windows

address will not work. You should get a login prompt for the Citrix Workspace app. Enter your StarID and password and click on Log On. This should bring you into your

Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start Mac

 to save and close Click the cancel button to revert changes      Jabber Making Calls: Once logged into the Jabber client you will be presented with the following home screen. On the

Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start PC

     Jabber Making Calls: Once logged into the Jabber client you will be presented with the following home screen. On the left hand side will be three options Clicking on

MuseScore - Install

Question How do I install MuseScore?  Overview To install MuseScore on a chromebook, please follow the Website's directions   Request Help

VPN Client Installation

StarID on both a Windows computer and a Mac. The VPN client is used to allow your computer to do tasks off campus that would usually require you to be on campus. Examples of this include but are not

Cisco Unity Voicemail User Guide

Login (Voicemail Setup): You will have been sent an initial random PIN that will need to be changed to a PIN you know and will remember. You will also be asked to record your name and set up your

Microsoft Teams - Install

install ... Question How do I download Microsoft Teams? Overview Visit and sign in with your for students, or for staff and StarID password

Depositing Money in MavCASH

Question How do I deposit money into MavCASH? Overview MavCASH has been discontinued as of May 2020. Funds can no longer be added, and account holders have been refunded

Azure Downloads Fails to Install

Question What can I do if my Azure download fails? Overview If you are experiencing issues with software downloading through Microsoft Azure Education, please contact Microsoft directly for

MATLAB - Install for Students

Question How do I install Matlab? Overview What is MATLAB? Simulink? MATLAB and Simulink are mathematical programming software for computing. They provide a variety of tools to help with

Mouse Isn't Clicking Correctly in MavAPPS

Question Why can't I click anything when MavAPPS launches the application?  SPSS opens in MavAPPS, but when I use the mouse it won't click on anything, what is the problem? Overview Multiple

Adobe - Install Creative Cloud Control Panel

Question How do I install the Adobe Creative Cloud control panel? Overview Windows: Click on the start Menu Type Software Center and click on the Software Center application Click

Windows Printer Installation Verification

printer-install ... Question How do I check if my network printer is installed correctly on my windows machine?  Overview To request access to a network printer for a windows machine or PC, please contact the