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Outlook - Copy Outlook Email Signature (Mac)

Question How do I copy my Outlook Signature for Mac?   Overview 1. In the Finder go to /Users/starid/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data

Zoom Phone International Calling Request

international ... Question How do I call internationally? Overview Please submit a ticket to IT using the button below to request international phone access and list every country you may need to call in the request.    Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Bulk Exemptions in Grades

Question How do I exempt a specific Student from a Grade item? How do I exempt my MavPASS Leader from Grades? Overview Bulk exemptions in Grades allows you to exempt a specific user from

Zoom Phone International Calling and SMS/MMS Rates

Zoom phone international SMS and calling rates. ... international ... To view the international SMS and calling rates, please see Zoom's Website here

Multi-Factor Authentication - Automatic Enrollment

Question Have I been enrolled in MFA? How can I re-enroll now that my MFA has been reset by IT? Overview MNSU Multi-Factor Enrollment If you see the message below when logging into Office

Installing Software from Software Center on Windows

Question How do I install software from Software Center onto my computer?  How do I install SPSS on my workstation? Overview Open Software Center.  Note:  If you have questions on

D2L Brightspace: Setup Automatic Feedback in Quizzes

Question How do I provide automatic feedback on questions in a D2L quiz? Overview To set-up automatic feedback in D2L Quizzes there are two steps: 1. Create the questions and add the

Instructional Design Definition and Services Offered

instructional-design ... Question What is Instructional Design? Why would I need an Instructional Designer? How do I request Instructional Design assistance? Overview   Instructional Design is a systematic

Student Staff Accounts in Microsoft Office 365- Email, OneDrive and More

Student Staff Accounts in Microsoft Office 365. Separate accounts are created for student and employee roles with specific privileges. Using different browser profiles or email app accounts helps ... that these are not your email addresses, they are only meant for logging in. Your email address will be something like, and you will be given a different address for your

Installing Mathematica on Windows for a Personal Computer

organization (SSO). Your default web browser should open to and be asking you for your email address.  Enter your email address and click on

MavLife/Ready Education Course Integration Overview

Overview Courses integrations pull from both your Student Information System (via CSV) and from D2L. Breakdown of Sources by Integration feature: Course List – CSV Course Detail and

Adobe Asking for Sign-In on Windows PCS Before Opening PDFs

Question How can I open a PDF if I am unable to sign-in to Adobe?  Overview When opening a PDF on my Windows PC Adobe is asking me to sign in. To resolve this so that you can open your PDF

D2L Brightspace: View Question Feedback in Quizzes

Question How do students view feedback on a D2L Brightspace quiz?  Overview Grades, feedback, and statistical information will not be available until they are released by your instructor or

Request additional functionality in Adobe Sign for your Group

Additional functionality in Adobe Sign for group processes are available and include: Library Templates, Workflows, Bulk Sending, Web Forms, Custom Settings ... Additional functionality in Adobe Sign for group processes are available and include:  Library Templates Workflows Bulk Sending Web Forms Custom Settings Submit a request for

Respondus: Give a Student Special Access in Quizzes to opt out of Respondus

Note: Current University guidance from the Office of the Provost states, "please provide the following information to your students prior to the beginning of the semester and in your syllabus: Opt-out