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Transfer Call in Zoom Phone

them. Transfer to voicemail: Transfers the call to the voicemail of a specified phone number. This transfer method might not work for all numbers. You can also transfer to voicemail by using DTMF

D2L Brightspace: Accessibility Checker

box in D2L Brightspace. Locate the Accessibility Checker button in the text box, it looks like an eye with a check box underneath it. Note if you do note see the checker icon, try these steps

Set Up Speed Dials or Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) on Zoom Phone

Question How can I set up speed dials or Busy Lamp Fields on Zoom Phone?  Overview *Note: Please be aware speed dials and Busy Lamp Fields only work on physical desk phones and are not

D2L Brightspace: Request merged/grouped courses

Search button. It may take a little bit for courses to load. 6. Check the box to select the sections you wish to merge together. 7. Click the Combine button at the bottom of the page. 8

D2L Brightspace: Create an Analytic Rubric

, click the + Add Criteria Group button. Note: Criteria Groups allow you to customize the number of levels for a set of criteria. For example, "Content" and "Sources" criteria have 6 levels and worth 10

D2L Brightspace: Bongo Video Assignment

Instructions for the assignment. Note: You may also choose to add a due date or change the scoring method, however, the dates and grades in video assignment do not connect to your D2L Brightspace Grades or

How to Manage Call Queues

to leave messages in the call queue's voicemail, change the Overflow setting to route to the current extension's voicemail inbox. Alerts Notification: Set up email notifications for call queue real

University Communication Tools

, but not sure where to start with marketing? Use the guide below to help you best communicate with your audience about emergencies, news, events, or other announcements. Are we missing a communication

Adding and Managing Contacts

To add contacts that are not part of zoom phone yet, you must add the user as an external contact. ...  Contacts tab . Under Directory, you'll see Employees This directory contains all faculty and staff for Minnesota State Mankato but it also includes ALL of Minnstate that are also using

Making and Receiving Calls on Zoom Phone

has a phone number attached. If they don't have a phone number, they will still appear in Cloud Contacts, but you will not be able to call them. If your contact has more than one number, you will

Multi-Factor Authentication - Automatic Enrollment

Authentication phone to Mobile app Click the radio button that says Receive notifications for verifications Click Set up A QR code will be displayed Mobile Device

D2L Brightspace: Focus on feedback with grades or marks witholding

is NOT a points-based Rubric being used for evaluation. There are three steps: Set-up the Grade Scheme Change the Grade Item Settings Release the Points/Grade to Students Step 1

Using SMS (Text Messaging) on Zoom Phone App

Question How can I send a test message using my Zoom Phone   Overview This is intended for Staff and Faculty Zoom Phone accounts Only. This is not for Student Zoom Accounts. NOTE: SMS

D2L Brightspace: Create and Send Automated Emails Using Intelligent Agents

Click the circle button next to Set custom values for this course Enter your name and email address in the text boxes Click Save Note: If you leave the email on the default value, when a

Deploying a vulnerability patch(es) to a group in Lumension

. Click on the adjacent radial button to select either, Do not notify users of this deployment or Notify users of this deployment. Do not notify users of this deployment will install the