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Windows Printer Installation Verification

printer-install ... Question How do I check if my network printer is installed correctly on my windows machine?  Overview To request access to a network printer for a windows machine or PC, please contact the

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Windows

StarID on both a Windows computer and a Mac. The VPN client is used to allow your computer to do tasks off campus that would usually require you to be on campus. Examples of this include but are not

MavPRINT Two-Sided Printing

-sided 8. Select Two-Sided                        9. Click on OK                       10. Click Print Note: When you change to two-sided printing, it will remain for the duration you are logged into the University lab computer.   Request Help

Zoom: Sign In on iPhone or Android Using University Zoom Account

, zoom locks your account for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the user should be able to try again  Your web browser will prompt you to Open this page in Zoom. Select Open   Your Zoom app should now open and be signed into your University Zoom account     Request Help

Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start Mac

 to save and close Click the cancel button to revert changes      Jabber Making Calls: Once logged into the Jabber client you will be presented with the following home screen. On the

Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start PC

the top account button will open account settings Clicking on the phone icon will show the call log both incoming and outgoing NOTE: There will be a number in a red circle if you have a missed

MavLife/Ready Education Course Integration Overview

Assignments - D2L Grades - D2L Announcements - D2L Discussions - D2L [Coming soon!] Quizzes - D2L Where do Courses Integrations appear: Ready Home: Highlights appear inToday’s Schedule” and

Multi-factor Authentication FAQ – International travel with no cell service

Question What if I don't have cell service while traveling internationally? Overview  Install and configure the Microsoft Authenticator app on your cell phone prior to traveling

Text Messages Sent By The University and Opt In/Out Procedures

Messages for University Deadlines, Events, and Reminders D2L StarALERT Browse to Sign-in with your StarID and password Select Change or add Star

Warranty Help for Apple, Dell, HP, and Consumer Priority Service

Systems. Click on About. This should display the serial number. Phone support: (800)-642-7676   CPS: Consumer Priority Service: Log in to your customer

Service Desk long distance call

How do I make a phone call to a long-distance phone number? ... Overview This article goes over how one may perform long distance phone calls. Resolution To call a long-distance phone number: 1.     Dial 9 1 and then the number you wish to call

D2L Brightspace: Adjusting Discussions Reply Setting

:// Login to D2L with your StarID and password Enter your course Click Communication and select Discussions from the drop-down menu Click Setting Uncheck Include original post in reply Click Save   Request Help

DVD Player Not Working

the DVD player) Press play on the touch panel Press play on the DVD player Verify your DVD is in good working condition For immediate assistance call x3221

D2L Brightspace: Class Progress Customizable Student Progress Dashboard

Class Progress - Understanding and Customizing Class Progress in D2L Brightspace.docx ... Question How do I customize Class Progress? Overview Learn about Class Progress, a customizable student progress dashboard in D2L Brightspace in this helpful guide: Guide to Class Progress: Customizable Student Progress Dashboard in D2L Brightspace   Request Help

FlexSync Classroom: Adjust Zoom Volume

Question How do I adjust the volume of Zoom in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview Tap the Zoom Touch Display to unhide the controls, then tap the ellipsis icon Move the slider to increase or decrease volume Request Help