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MavPRINT Error Alias Already in Use

Question I am trying to login to MavPRINT from a kiosk and receiving the error "Alias alreayd in use" what should I do?  Overview If a customer is trying to login into MavPRINT from a Kiosk

Microsoft Teams - Install

install ... . Click the Waffle Icon on the upper left hand corner. Click the Teams icon.   Download the desktop app by clicking Get Windows App You can also choose to sign in on the web app Request Help

MavAPPS for Windows

. Option 2: Click on Detect Citrix Workspace app. If it goes to a login screen, go up to Option 1 as it means you already have the application installed.  If you get

No Logon Servers New Windows Computer

Question I turned on my new Windows computer and it is not allowing me to login because there is no network/ WIFI ?  Overview To Connect to Network. Click the network icon located in

Remote Desktop Direct Setup

administrator, please contact the Solutions Center. Find the device name: Log into the workstation you want to remote into Right-click on the Start Button in the lower left corner In the pop

D2L Brightspace: View Question Feedback in Quizzes

the date/time they set to have them released: Your instructor decides what information is visible for each Quiz by setting Submission View. The default Submission View shows no feedback except

Map MavDISK or Department Drive on State-Owned Windows Desktops and Laptops

Mapping drive letters to MavDISK is state-owned Windows desktop and laptops computers. ... .  The M: drive connect to your personal MavDISK folders, and the N: drive maps to departmental group folders. Below are instructions to map drive letters to MavDISK on non-state-owned Windows

Change Your Email Address and Name in MavMAIL

, class rosters, MavCARD and other university systems. A preferred name can replace your first, middle, and/or last name. You can create or edit your preferred name through E-services: Log in to E

Windows 10 - Performing a network reset

adapters and network configurations will all be reset.  After your computer restarts log back in and verify things are working.  If this is a personal device you may need to reset up eduroam or your personal wifi.

D2L Brightspace: Setup Automatic Feedback in Quizzes

Question How do I provide automatic feedback on questions in a D2L quiz? Overview To set-up automatic feedback in D2L Quizzes there are two steps: 1. Create the questions and add the

D2L Brightspace: Tag someone in a Discussion using @Mentions

Question What does the @Mentions feature do? How do I tag someone in a discussion? How can I get notified if someone mentions me in a discussion? Overview @Mentions allows you to tag others

D2L Brightspace: Add a Teacher's Assistant or Co-Instructor

Question How do I add a Teacher's Assistant in D2L Brightspace? How to I request enrollment of a Co-Instructor in my course? Overview Use our Add a TA or Co-Instructor form to fast track

D2L Brightspace: Bongo Video Assignment

External Learning Tool link created in the Content module. This link is how your students can access the assignment and where instructors can view submissions. Note: If you add a due date or a grade to this

D2L Brightspace: Respondus Monitor Instructor Get Started

record student activity while taking a quiz online. The software automatically scans the videos and flags activity for review by the instructor. Find Instructor and Student How to Guides and considerations for using online proctoring tools on our informational website.     Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Create and Send Automated Emails Using Intelligent Agents

intelligent ... instructor. It then creates a log of activity that can be reviewed later. And, if you chose, the agent will automatically send an email to the instructor, student, or both to notify of the activity