Map MavDISK or Department Drive On Mac


How do I map my MavDISK on a mac?


This document outlines the steps to setup MavDISK for your Mac.

Note: There are several ways to use MavDISK depending on if you are on/off campus or using a university/personally owned computer.

a. For single file download or upload - on or off campus - access MavDISK using a web browser MavDISK Web Access. This is the easiest way to access MavDISK.a

b. On-campus university computers - will automatically have your MavDISK personal files available on the M: drive.

c. On-campus personally owned computers - follow the instructions below to map a drive to MavDISK.

c. Off-campus - Mapping a drive letter - requires you to first connect to the VPN service which makes your computer work as if it's on campus (Instructions for installing VPN). Once VPN is logged in, follow the instructions below to map a drive to MavDISK.

Note: if you are off campus, you will need to install and use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client found via the following link: VPN Client Installation.

Note: students in on-campus resident communities can map a drive without the need to use Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

     Note: The following instructions can also be used to map department drives.

  1. Select Finder from your dock.
  2. Select Connect to Server.... from the Go menu item.

Type smb://mavdisk/StarID$ (replacing your StarID for your StarID) or \\mavdisk\msu\group folders for department drives.

  1. next to Server Address: then click the + button to add the server to Favorite Servers. Click Connect
  2. for groups smb://mavdisk/msu/group folders


  1. Next to Name:, type your StarID. Next to Password:, type your StarID password and click Connect.
  2. Your MavDISK has now been setup.


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