D2L Brightspace: About merged/grouped courses


What is a grouped D2L Brightspace course? Why might I combine sections together into one course?


There are two ways courses can be created in D2L Brightspace:

  • Courses are automatically added as individual courses
  • You can request to combine multiple courses/sections together into one course

Example of a grouped/merged course:

You teach three sections of BIOL 105. The three sections will automatically be added individually to D2L Brightspace. Three sections, three D2L Brightspace courses.

You have the option to request those three sections grouped together in one D2L Brightspace course. Three courses, one D2L Brightspace course.

  • You cannot have both individual and grouped courses for the same sections. You can choose one or the other option.
  • Merge/group requests should be completed before content or student submissions are added to a course.

Why group courses?

  • Grouping sections together will save you the time of copying content over to sections that use the same materials.
  • Grouping courses helps you communicate efficiently to all students taking different sections of a course.
  • Grouping courses is also useful when you teach a 400/500 course to facilitate sharing materials and communication.

How will I know what students are in what Section?

D2L Brightspace will automatically create Sections for you within the course for easy viewing and sharing of content with specific sections.

Note on Classlist and Sections: Students and Teacher's Assistants will only be able to see other students in the Classlist from their own respective Section in grouped classes.

Note on Discussions and Sections: Open Discussions Topics default to everyone seeing everyone else in the course offering, regardless of section.

You can also choose to set Discussions so only people in the same Section can see each other’s threads. Learn more about the Groups versus Sections tool.

Note on Grades and Sections: Once you group courses/sections together, all students will be placed into one gradebook and be graded on the same criteria, unless you use the Exempt feature in the grade item menu.

This allows you to Exempt chosen students from a grade item and removes it from their grade calculation. You have the option to filter your students by section for easier grade entry and easier selection of Exempt grade item status.


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