Text Messages Sent By The University and Opt In/Out Procedures


How do I opt in/out of receiving text messages from the University?


  1. There are three sources of text messages sent by The University
    1. StarALERT
    2. E-services - Text Messages for University Deadlines, Events, and Reminders
    3. D2L


  1. Browse to https://my.mnsu.edu/account/
  2. Sign-in with your StarID and password
  3. Select Change or add Star Alert emergency text messaging numbers under the Star Alert heading
  4. Remove or Add any numbers where you want text messages sent. Choose button Submit address change
  5. There is also a StarALERT Hotline, call 855-502-7867. Options will be given via voice menu.​​​​​​


  1. From the phone that wants the StarALERTS re-opt-in, text to 23177 using the exact message below:
    START Mankato

E-Services - Text Messages for University Deadlines, Events, and Reminders

  1. Browse to http://www.mnsu.edu/eservices/
  2. Click on Sign up to receive text message reminders
  3. Sign-in with StarID and password
  4. Click on Accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Select your schools and Save



  1. Browse to http://d2l.mnsu.edu/
  2. Select Sign on with StarID
  3. Enter StarID and Password
  4. Select your Initials at the top right of the page
  5. Select Notifications in the drop-down menu
  6. Register or delete your mobile number under Contact methods



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