Computer not powering on - screen , lights or noise not observed


This article goes over steps to troubleshoot a computer not tpwering up.


1.     Check computer for type.

o   Laptop

o   Desktop

      2. Check for laptop

o   Connect laptop to AC adapter

o   Verify laptop battery is fully charged

o   Dell Laptop Diagnostic and Battery Indicators 

 3. Check for Desktop

o   Verify electricity into the computer by making sure other devices power-up in the area

o   Verify device is plugged into outlet or surge supressor is functional

o   Test out the power charger with another machine to verify it is working properly

 4. Check surge suppressor to see the circuit hasn't been tripped

o   If tripped, push the button or switch to on

 5. Unplug electrical plug from computer and plug directly into outlet

o   If the computer will not power up, and you are able to use another computer, visit the Dell site for instructions

o   Dell Desktop Diagnostic Indicators 

ยง  If computer will still not power up, schedule an onsite visit or computer pickup by calling 389-6654

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Sun 7/31/22 9:57 AM