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Connect a Zoom Meeting to a HD Video Conferencing/Telepresence Classroom

zoom ... symbol 8. You are now dialed into you Zoom meeting with the Cisco Telepresence system. Share your Zoom meeting link or Personal Meeting ID number with your participants to join the meeting   Request Help

FlexSync Classroom: Use Share Screen to Improve Laptop Image Quality for Zoom Participants

zoom ... Question How do I fix the fuzzy illegible screen sharing that my zoom participants are seeing?  Overview Requirements: Zoom client must installed on your device. If it isn’t already

FlexSync Classroom: Manage Participants

participants ... Question How do manage participants such as manage a waiting room, or mute or unmute a participant?  Overview To manage your participants, tap your Zoom Touch Display to unhide the

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

zoom ... Question What should I use for web conferencing?  Overview What is Zoom? Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users

FlexSync Classroom: Camera or View Froze for Zoom Particpants

zoom ... Question How do I fix a frozen camera or view for zoom participants in a FlexSync Classroom? Overview In the technology rack at the teachers’ station, find the Vaddio Box. This technology

FlexSync Classroom: Zoom Controlled by Crestron

zoom ... .  Make sure Audio System is on to be able to hear Zoom participants.                   Make sure microphone is turned on so Zoom participants can hear you. Shure QLXD1 - Bodypack Transmitter on

Zoom: Sign In on Windows with University Account

zoom ... Zoom Meetings from the prompt If it does not automatically prompt you, select Launch Zoom on the webpage Your Zoom application should now be logged in as shown below Please see the video below for more information   Request Help

Zoom: Configure Personal Meeting Room For FlexSync Classrooms

zoom ... desired passcode  In the Video section, select On for Host and Participant In the Audio section select Both Select your preferred meeting options. Additionally, in

Zoom: Sign In on Mac with University Account

zoom ... Question How do I sign into the Zoom application on Mac computers with my University Zoom Account?  Overview Install the Zoom application on your Mac computer. (How to Install on Mac

Zoom: Sign In on Chromebook Using University Account

zoom ... Question How do I use Zoom from a Chromebook? Overview Signing into and using Zoom: Zoom meetings can be accessed directly from a Zoom meeting invitation that has been sent to you

Zoom: Sign In on iPhone or Android Using University Account

zoom ... Question How do I sign into the Zoom app on iPhone using my University Zoom account?  Overview Download the ZOOM app from the Apple App Store or Download the ZOOM app from the Google Play

Zoom: Change Waiting Room Settings to Allow Users to Bypass

zoom ... Question How do I change the "Waiting Room" settings to allow MinnState users with your Meeting ID and Passcode to bypass the meeting "Waiting Room" ? Overview Begin by going to

FlexSync Classroom: How to End a Meeting

zoom ... Question How do I end a meeting in a FlexSync classroom?  Overview While in a meeting, the controls on the Zoom Touch Display will automatically hide after a few seconds. Tap the Zoom

D2L Brightspace: Update the Instructor Profile widget on course homepage

Question What is the Instructor Profile widget? | How do I update the Instructor Profile widget in D2L Brightspace? | How can I add office hours or Zoom meeting info to the widget?  Overview

D2L Brightspace: Accessibility Checker

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