Connect a Zoom Meeting to a HD Video Conferencing/Telepresence Classroom


How do I connect a Zoom meeting to an HD video conferencing/Telepresence classroom?


1. Navigate to

2. Click Sign in. Log in with your Star ID credentials

3. On your Zoom Profile page, locate your Personal Meeting ID number. It is 10 digits long, looks like a phone number

4. From the Cisco touch pad controller in the room, click Call

5. Enter your Zoom meeting SIP number which is your, e.g.,

5. Then click Call. Now the room is calling into your meeting

6. Scroll down on your Zoom Profile page to locate the Host Meeting number. Click show host meeting number

7. Enter the host meeting number on the Cisco touch pad. Click the # pound symbol

8. You are now dialed into you Zoom meeting with the Cisco Telepresence system. Share your Zoom meeting link or Personal Meeting ID number with your participants to join the meeting


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