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Shared Mailboxes and Distribution Lists

Question What is the difference between a Shared Mailbox and a Distribution List?  Overview  This article will set out the differences between a Shared Mailbox and a Distribution Group to

Malware Removal - Personal Devices

Question I have malware on my computer, how do I remove it? Overview  NOTE: Free version of Malwarebytes cannot be used at MSU. If you have a state asset and think you may have malware on

ISRS Login Issues

Question My ISRS account also is not allowing me to log on. Where can I get help? Overview If you are experiencing issues logging into ISRS/Uniface, try the following steps: Delete the

Turnitin: Set-up a class and assignment in

Question What is a workaround if Turnitin isn't working in D2L Brightspace Assignments? How do I submit a file to on behalf of a student or for myself? Overview NOTE: If you are

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Assign Web Role

the user by either name or techID Note: If the user is a student the box next to Display Employees Only must be unchecked. Choose select next to the user you would like to add Expand the

D2L Brightspace: About Assignments

Question How to I upload Assignments on to D2L Brightspace? How do I provide Video and Audio feedback on assignments?  How do I allow Students to see the Turnitin Similarity results in Assignments

Outlook Emails - Delivery Delay

-Delivery Detonation setting is being enabled to reduce the number of times users see the “Blocked because Microsoft is still scanning the page” message, in turn helping provide the best possible

Zoom: Sign In on iPhone or Android Using University Account

Store Note: This tutorial was made using an iPhone but the steps are nearly identical for Android devices.  Open the Zoom app  Select Sign in  Select SSO

Zoom Phone - Call Queue Notifications

Zoom phone allows call queues to be managed with proper access. Admins can modify queue notifications through the portal. ... toggle ... , you enable or disable call notifications from specific call queues. You can also enable or disable all call queue notifications for a phone user. Note: This setting applies to the desktop client

D2L Brightspace: Bulk Exemptions in Grades

.   Note: If your Grade Items are associated with Discussions, Assignments, or Quizzes, the Exempt message will also display when evaluating those associated assessments.   Request Help

Zoom App Not Updating

Question My Zoom app is on an old version, how do I update it? My zoom app says it is up-to-date but it is not, how can I fix this?  Overview This article is intended for State Assets only

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Login with StarID

your Institution. Note: Behind the scenes, MinnState syncs these users with the ImageNow web role to the MSU-Mankato AD and IAM structure. After 2 hrs or so, the Perceptive Content

Outlook - Export OST or Archive on Mac

Question Questions related to article here Overview With Microsoft Outlook open, choose File Choose Export from the menu bar Check all boxes and click continue Choose a location to

D2L Brightspace: Change Name

school’s registration system (often referred to as your ISRS/eServices record). For your D2L Brightspace account to be updated at your school, your name would need to be updated in your ISRS/eServices

Disabling SMS (Text Messages) on Zoom Phone

How can I disable the ability to send and receive text (SMS) messages to my university phone number on the Zoom app? ... number. *Please note that Minnesota State University Mankato is currently in the process of transitioning all employees from the Cisco phone system to the Zoom phone service. This article applies