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Perceptive Content / ImageNow Client Install

This article goes over the steps to install Perceptive Content / ImageNow Client ... Client Getting Help, use your Star ID to log in and find the client install link).  Login as local Administrator to computer. Grant "Write" access to the

Accessibility Features in Zoom Phone

assist people who are hard of hearing. Transcription can be turned on or off during a call, or enabled for all calls. Note: when Live Transcript starts, the caller will receive a message notifying

Zoom SSO Error

How to resolve a Zoom SSO error when attempting to log in with Star ID and password ... different possible reasons you are getting an error message when you attempt to log into zoom. Are you a registered student for this semester?  Only actively enrolled students can access Zoom. If

Linking LinkedIn Learning Videos in a D2L Brightspace Course

: ?u=57684185&auth=true. Your video link should look like Note: if you

D2L Brightspace: Share a Development Course

share materials or collaborate with colleagues on course design. Note: Development courses are subject to deletion during our regular maintenance schedule. Share course materials in a

Share a File Publicly Using OneDrive

Question How can I share a file through OneDrive for others outside of MNSU to view? Overview In your OneDrive account, check the file you want to share Click on Copy Link on the top

Turnitin: Log in/Access

folder within any semester course if it was held within the last year. You may want to use a course that is closed to students. Use this helpful article to set-up a test folder with Turnitin in

Adobe Creative Cloud Account Request - Faculty/Staff

Process to request Adobe as a staff, faculty or student worker only ... Question How do I request access to Adobe Creative Cloud as a faculty, staff or student worker? Overview Adobe Creative Cloud Suite licenses are available on request to all faculty, staff

Windows 10 - Performing a network reset

restart. Note:  If your computer doesn't reboot on its own after 5 minutes after it says it needs to reboot.  You may want to reboot manually. Your computer will restart and your network

Voicemail PIN Viewing or Reset on Zoom Phone

How to reset your Zoom phone voicemail pin ... Question How do I view or reset my Zoom Phone Voicemail PIN?  Overview Employees must set a PIN to use a desktop (Yealink) phone, (or dial in) to check and manage voicemail messages. NOTE

Windows frozen on startup configuring windows

Question What to do when window screen is frozen on Startup Configuration? Overview If you are getting one of the following messages on startup: Preparing to configure Windows.  Do not

Remotely Find, Lock, or Erase your Android Device

Question How do I find my lost Android phone? Overview  To Remotely Find, Lock or Erase your Android Device   Go to and sign into your Google Account If you

Controlling Desk Phone (Yealink) Calls Using The Zoom App

Call Control replaces Cisco Attendant Console to be able to control the same call from a desk phone and/or the Zoom app simultaneously. This can be very helpful for managing calls most conveniently ... Question Is there a way to use the Yealink phone and control the call using the Zoom app to record, hold or transfer a call? Instructions The Zoom App and Yealink phone can be linked

D2L Brightspace: Editing Groups

Question Questions related to article here Overview You can edit group enrollment in the Groups tool. To edit group enrollment: Click the Communication drop down menu on the course

D2L Brightspace: Create a Holistic Rubric

select Holistic rubric. Holistic: Holistic, single criterion rubrics (one-dimensional) are used to assess participants' overall achievement on an activity or item based on overall description of