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MavPRINT Check Balance

Question How can students check their MavPRINT Balance?  Overview NOTE: New to MavPRINT: Students are still allocated $20 for printing each semester through MavPRINT. Once this allocation

Shared Mailboxes Setup

. Log in to Replace StarID with your StarID:  Students, Alumni and Emeriti:  Faculty and Staff:  Note: Some

No Logon Servers New Windows Computer

Question I turned on my new Windows computer and it is not allowing me to login because there is no network/ WIFI ?  Overview To Connect to Network. Click the network icon located in

D2L Brightspace: Attendance

you need to add Sessions after you've closed the Register, Edit the Register and repeat the steps above. 8. Click Save, then click Close. Note: The Attendance tool does NOT connect to the Grades tool. Grades for attendance will require manual entry.   Request Help

Locating and Running VPN on Windows Enter your StarID for the Username and your StarID Password for the Password and click OK Your VPN client will now connect To verify that you are connected on a

Remote Assistance Teamviewer

Use this article to get remote assistance through Teamviewer ... Question How do I use remote assistance? What is TeamViewer? How do I download TeamViewer? Overview TeamViewer is the software we use to remotely connect to your PC to help solve tech issues

FlexSync Classroom: Zoom Controlled by Crestron

does not have a big zoom touch display. It instead has a small Crestron display for connecting and controlling Zoom Instructions:   Connect to Zoom meeting using Crestron

iOS Mail App: Action Required to Access Your Email

ios ... Question How do I access by email from iOS Mail App? Overview Delete the iOS Mail account Open Settings Click on Passwords and Accounts Click on Exchange or MavMAIL

Reference Manual for Cisco IP Desk Phones, Models 7945 and 7965

soft key - To return to the call, press the Resume soft key (Note: If multiple calls are on hold, use the scroll key to select the desired call before pressing Resume)   CALL PROCESSING

Multi-Factor Authentication - Self Enrollment for iOS phones

Question How do I enroll in multi-factor authentication with my iOS device? Overview On your iPhone, navigate to the App Store  Tap the search tab in the bottom right and search

Resolving Issues with Wi-Fi Connectivity in Academic Buildings (Non State-Owned Devices)

Overview With recent upgrades made to our Wi-Fi network in early January 2020, some Windows devices cannot connect to any campus Wi-Fi or have spotty in and out connections. This can happen

ResLife Connectivity Issues

All issues with networking in the resident halls including Stadium Heights, Crawford, McElroy, Preska and Julia Sears should be directed to Apogee who provides all networking, cable TV and IPTV

Troubleshooting WorkMSU.rdp connection

Question WorkMSU isn't working, how do I fix the issue? Overview If a user encounters issues when attempting to use WorkMSU, see troubleshooting below:   Connection Was Denied Error

Cisco Unity Voicemail User Guide

 Transfer button again to complete the transfer.   Change Voicemail setup options:   Step 1 Connect to Unity Connect from your Cisco VoIP phone or from off campus (above) and enter your PIN

Connect a Zoom Meeting to a HD Video Conferencing/Telepresence Classroom

Question How do I connect a Zoom meeting to an HD video conferencing/Telepresence classroom? Overview 1. Navigate to 2. Click Sign in. Log in with