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How to Find a Lost iPhone

version.   Tracking your phone using iCloud If you have an iPhone and no other Apple device, you can still track your iPhone from a Windows laptop or a MacBook.   Log in to iCloud

Depositing Money in MavCASH

at the end of the semester. The cost of additional prints will be charged to your University student account as an item that you must pay along with tuition and fees. you will be alerted via MavMAIL if

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Assign Web Role

Question How do I assign a web role in ImageNow? Overview Navigate to Image Now  Login with StarID and StarID password On the Left side under User Maintenance select Web Search for

MavPRINT Error Alias Already in Use

student-printing ... Question I am trying to login to MavPRINT from a kiosk and receiving the error "Alias alreayd in use" what should I do?  Overview If a customer is trying to login into MavPRINT from a Kiosk

Accessing MavDISK files using an Internet Web Browser

many files: 1. Open your Web browser. 2. Navigate to MavDISK Web Access 3. Log in using your StarID and StarID password. 4. From here, you can choose to open your personal MavDISK folders

D2L Brightspace: Merged or Grouped courses

add ... within the course for easy viewing and sharing of content with specific sections. Note on Classlist and Sections: Students and Teacher's Assistants will only be able to see other students in the

D2L Brightspace: Add or Group/Merge Courses

add ... Courses are automatically added as individual courses to D2L Brightspace as they become listed in our Registration system - log in to D2L Brightspace to find your individual course. To merge/group two

FlexSync Classroom: Start a Zoom Meeting

Question How do I start a meeting in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview Prior to your meeting time you should have created a meeting space and shared the invitation to that meeting space with

Zoom: Configure Personal Meeting Room For FlexSync Classrooms

the Alternative Hosts field enter the email address of the person that you want to share meeting controls with. An example of this would be an Academic Support Student Worker that is assisting with managing your classroom  Select Save when finished Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Data Requests

approved prior to fulfillment.    Types of Requests Available  Student Course Access Report: Students who have not engaged in their online learning classroom early in the term D2L Brightspace

Emergency Notification

and fire alarms. SERVICE CATEGORIES Area Emergency Call Button Specific departments can request a button on Cisco IP phones to call for help, act as a pubic address system or notify others in

Warranty Help for Apple, Dell, HP, and Consumer Priority Service

to the home, repair service as well as mail in repairs.  The service tag is located typically on the bottom of the laptop or under a flap that needs to be opened and on the top and the back of a

Captioning Media

accessibility ... provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 by requiring Minnesota State University, Mankato to be fully accessible to all students regardless of accommodation requests. Instructors using media

Cisco Jabber Client: Installation

-service   Once self-service loads log in to the service by clicking on the log in button in the upper right of the software Type in your starID and password In the

D2L Brightspace: Add video feedback to an Assignments submission

assignments ... Question How can I provide video or audio feedback on an Assignment submission in D2L Brightspace? Overview First, create your video or audio feedback using the How to Kaltura Capture guide