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Map MavDISK or Department Drive On Mac

mac ... Question How do I map my MavDISK on a mac? Overview This document outlines the steps to setup MavDISK for your Mac. Note: There are several ways to use MavDISK depending on if you are on

Connect to a Department or Group MavDISK Folder on a Mac

mac ... Question How can I set up my MavDisk group folder? How do I access my department folder on MavDisk? Overview This document outlines the steps to setup your group folder on MavDISK for

Map MavDISK or Department Drive on Windows

MavDISK ... Question How do I map a drive letter to access MavDISK on a Windows PC? Overview Mapping drive letters to MavDISK is state-owned Windows desktop and laptops computers happens automatically

Accessing MavDISK files using an Internet Web Browser

MavDISK ... folders, upload or download many files or folders, map a drive to MavDISK: Map MavDISK on Windows Map MavDISK or Department Drive on Mac   Request Help

How to Image a Mac Computer

mac ... Question How do I image a Mac? Overview 1.Boot TO USB (with Catalina on it) or Recovery 2. Erase Drive 3. Reinstall OS 4. Setup snimda account 5. Run updates for OS 6. Map

MavAPPS for Macs

method) MavAPPS Website Both methods use Citrix Workspace, but the web method can have a few more issues due to it needing to use some browser add-ons to make things work.  Those add-ons might

MNSU Mac Printers

macprinter ... Overview Before trying to add a network printer to a computer please make sure that permissions have been granted to that user for the desired network printer. Please contact the Service Desk to

Force Quit on a Mac

mac ... Question My outlook won't let me click on things and I have a spinning beach ball thing on my Mac.  How do I close it? Overview If an application such as Outlook or Safari locks up, you can

ISRS Login Issues

Question My ISRS account also is not allowing me to log on. Where can I get help? Overview If you are experiencing issues logging into ISRS/Uniface, try the following steps: Delete the

ResLife Network Issues

ResLife Connectivity Issues

All issues with networking in the resident halls including Stadium Heights, Crawford, McElroy, Preska and Julia Sears should be directed to Apogee who provides all networking, cable TV and IPTV

Remote Connection to a Common Desktop using WorkMSU - Macs

Question How can I access ISRS when off campus? How can I access MavDISK when I'm at home? How can I use FileMaker Pro when I'm not on campus? What is WorkMSU? Overview WorkMSU is a way to

Locating and Running VPN on Windows

MavDISK ... Question Where is the Cisco AnyConnect (Cisco VPN) client on my Windows machine?   Overview  If using Windows, click on the Start Menu located on the bottom left hand corner of your

Cisco Jabber - Login Issues

below Enter CSF follow immediately by your and click Continue Enter your StarID and the PIN that was given by Telecom Specialist Julie Keck If you experience any issues with logging in, please contact IT Solutions Center Ext 6654   Request Help

Docking Station Display Issues

Overview I am having some docking station issues where the monitor does not display all of the time. How do I fix this? Resolution Make sure that the graphics card is up to date