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Outlook - Export OST or Archive on Mac

mac ... store your Outlook for Mac Archive If you have a significant amount of email or calendar events, this backup can take upwards of ten minutes. You will be unable to use Outlook during the backup

Docking Station Display Issues

Overview I am having some docking station issues where the monitor does not display all of the time. How do I fix this? Resolution Make sure that the graphics card is up to date

Cisco Jabber - Login Issues

below Enter CSF follow immediately by your and click Continue Enter your StarID and the PIN that was given by Telecom Specialist Julie Keck If you experience any issues with logging in, please contact IT Solutions Center Ext 6654   Request Help

Find IP address on Mac OS

mac ... Question How do I figure out what my IP address is on Mac? Overview To find your IP address Open the Apple menu and click on System Preferences… Either double-click on the Network

Zoom: Sign In on Mac with University Zoom Account

mac ... Question How do I sign into the Zoom application on Mac computers with my University Zoom Account?  Overview Install the Zoom application on your Mac computer. (How to Install on Mac

Outlook - Import Outlook OST or Archive on Mac

mac ... Question How do I import my Outlook data files on a mac?  Overview With Microsoft Outlook open choose File Choose Export from the menu bar Navigate to the location of your Outlook for

Unable to Connect to ISRS from VPN

Uniface app can start, the VPN service is needs to be authenticated with the campus, the U: drive must be mapped to MavDISK, and the Uniface app must be pushed to the computer. This is all done

Alcohol Wise Student Login Issues

Question How do I get support for issues with Alcohol-Wise  Overview An error may occur during login to the Alcohol-Wise class from Student Health Services. If their primary contact email

Cisco Jabber Client: Quick Start Mac

, making and receiving calls. Please note that some of the features available in the client for the PC will be different than on a Mac. Features that appear grayed out are not available to you. If

Outlook - Copy Outlook Email Signature (Mac)

mac ... Question How do I copy my Outlook Signature for Mac?   Overview 1. In the Finder go to /Users/starid/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data

Outlook - Import Outlook Email Signature (Mac)

mac ... Question How do I import Outlook Email Signature for Mac?   Overview Copy all the signature files that you backed up when copying your Signature Files to the following folder: /Users

VPN Client Installation

Question How do I setup the VPN client? How do I connect to MavDISK or MavPRINT from off campus? Overview You can connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software using your

Find Media Access Control (MAC) address on PC

Question How do I find my MAC or physical address of my Network card on a PC from the command line in Windows 10? Overview Right-click the Windows button  in the lower left corner

ISRS Gives a Side by Side Configuration Error

locations. MavDISK (on campus): Press the windows key and the R together on the keyboard to get the run box. Enter \\mavdisk\software\Staff\Microsoft\Visual C++\Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

Remote Connection to a Common Desktop using WorkMSU - Windows

Question How can I access ISRS when off campus? How can I access MavDISK when I'm at home? How can I use FileMaker Pro when I'm not on campus? What is WorkMSU? Overview WorkMSU is a way to