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Outlook Cached Mode On and Off

will need to turn your cached mode off, then back on. To do so, please use the following instructions: Once in Outlook, click the File tab Click Account Settings Select the first option

Acceptable Use Policies

include applications that utilize large amounts of bandwidth, such as peer-to-peer file sharing programs, programs that continually click on ads for credit, money, or some other benefit. OFFICIAL

D2L Brightspace: Login to Office 365 Widget to Access MavMAIL, Outlook, Calendar and OneDrive

, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive files. To log in to the Office 365 widget in D2L Brightspace: 1. Navigate to D2L Brightspace 2. Login with your StarID credentials 3. On a laptop or desktop

Outlook - Copy Outlook Email Signature (Mac)

/Signatures   2. Copy all files in the Signatures folder and store them in a backup folder    Request Help

Map MavDISK or Department Drive On Mac

/off campus or using a university/personally owned computer. a. For single file download or upload - on or off campus - access MavDISK using a web browser MavDISK Web Access. This is the easiest way

Unable to Connect to ISRS from VPN

starting ISRS (Uniface), or staring file explorer and checking to see if the M: N: and U: drives are now mapped. Another method is to copy a shortcut for the U: drive to the desktop. After connecting to

How to Install Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff

summarized while setup files download in the background. Look for a progress bar or a message from your browser showing that the download is complete 6. Find and run the installer/setup file you

Remote Desktop Direct Setup

MSURemoteDesktopDirect.rdp file Replace Workstation Name with the device name from the Find the device name section, plus add to the end of the device name Example: Open connection and type Campus\StarID to login   Request Help

Respondus LockDown Student Browser

the D2L homepage. Click the Install Now button. Execute the downloaded file. Install the software via the on-screen prompts. Double-click the shortcut for LockDownBrowser that is now on your

Descriptive Video Services (DVS)

request. You are asked to provide the media (VHS, DVD, YouTube, video file) and the transcript (if existing) to Accessible Technologies. Note: If you are using media that is owned by the

Connecting to Krypton

Question How do I connect to Krypton?  How do I use putty on my windows machine to connect to putty?  How do I access Krypton from my mac? Overview File Uploading: The hostname for the

VPN Client Installation

Once the install file has downloaded, run it. You will see the following screen. Click Next Click the bubble next to I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next

Resolving Issues with Wi-Fi Connectivity in Academic Buildings (Non State-Owned Devices)

  Accept the terms and conditions.   The driver will now begin downloading. Once it is finished, run the .exe file found in your downloads  Once the driver is installed, restart your

Digitizing Media

, Accessible Technologies will contact you to finalize the details for your request. You are asked to provide the media (VHS, DVD, video files) to Accessible Technologies. Note: If you are using media

D2L Brightspace: Find a Student Who Has Disappeared From a Class

. You will now see that student's grade book.   How do I view the submissions, quizzes, etc... of a student who has withdrawn from a course? If a student needs access to any files they've