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OneDrive - Open a Shared Document

onedrive ... Question How do I open a OneDrive document that was shared with me? Overview Opening a Shared OneDrive Document You will receive an e-mail much like the one below when a OneDrive

OneDrive - Creating and Sharing a folder

onedrive ... Question How do I create a folder in OneDrive? Overview Login to your MavMAIL and click the grid icon, in the upper left-hand corner Locate and click on OneDrive Click the new button

Share a File Publicly Using OneDrive

share ... Question How can I share a file through OneDrive for others outside of MNSU to view? Overview In your OneDrive account, check the file you want to share Click on Copy Link on the top

D2L Brightspace: Upload Documents Directly from OneDrive (Instructors)

onedrive ... Question How do I upload documents from my OneDrive to D2L Brightspace? Overview Teacher and Teacher's Assistant users can upload and share Office 365 OneDrive documents with students in the

OneDrive - Uploading Files

onedrive ... Question How can I upload file into my OneDrive? Overview Login to your OneDrive at Click Upload Select file Locate your file Select the file you want to upload Click open to add the file to your OneDrive   Request Help

Opening SPSS with MavLabs

Question How do I use a MavLabs to access SPSS?   Overview Navigate to Click the Yellow Login button Choose

Opening Software Center Windows

Question How do I access programs in Software Center? How can I install programs on my campus owned PC computer? Overview Press the Windows Key on the Keyboard or Press the windows

Shared Mailboxes Setup

Question How do I set up a shared mailbox? Overview Before you can access a shared email account (dept., project, etc) you will need to be given access.  Please have a person that currently

Office 365: Changing Document Permissions in Office 365 Delve

Click the Shared with link to see who has permission to access your document Edit the permissions as you would a OneDrive document Request Help

Shared Mailboxes and Distribution Lists

shared-mailbox ... Question What is the difference between a Shared Mailbox and a Distribution List?  Overview  This article will set out the differences between a Shared Mailbox and a Distribution Group to

D2L Brightspace: Unable to Upload Documents

Question Why can't I upload documents to D2L Assignments? Overview There is a known issue with D2L Brightspace. If a document has a special character, like / or \ in the title, the user will

D2L Brightspace: Sharing Course Materials

sharing ... 1: Export/Import a course package Option 2: Shared development course   Option 1: Export/Import a course package Export a course package file to share. Import the file into different

Outlook - Share Your Calendar/Mailbox

share ... behalf, and People I am a delegate for. To share items with a user, Click the plus icon to the bottom left of Delegates who can act on my behalf In the Choose a Person box that appears, search

Adobe Asking for Sign-In on Windows PCS Before Opening PDFs

acrobat ... Question How can I open a PDF if I am unable to sign-in to Adobe?  Overview When opening a PDF on my Windows PC Adobe is asking me to sign in. To resolve this so that you can open your PDF

D2L Brightspace: Login to Office 365 Widget to Access MavMAIL, Outlook, Calendar and OneDrive

Question How do I access my MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive from D2L Brightspace? Overview The Office 365 widget on the D2L Brightspace homepage allows you to view your MavMail