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Outlook - Import Rules

Import Rules from dialog box displays. Navigate to the folder in which you saved your rules backup file, select the .rwz file, and then click Open You will notice the screen behind the Option windows

Report Office 365 Spam

information-security ... Question How do I report a spam or phishing email?  Overview Microsoft Outlook for Windows There are two ways to report a phishing/spam email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows

How to Change Your Primary Number on Zoom Phone

your extension number. This means if a caller is routed to you through the main company number, the line associated with the primary number will be used. Sign in to the Zoom web portal Click

D2L Brightspace: About Discussions

Question How do I create small group discussions in D2L Brightspace? How do I reply to a Discussion thread in D2L Brightspace? Why can't my students see discussions forums/topics in D2L

Request a New Distribution List

Question How do I request a distribution list? Overview To request a new Distribution List, please have a staff member submit the following information to IT Solutions Center  Select 2

FlexSync Classroom: Start or Stop Recording

Question How do I start or stop recording of a meeting in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview After joining your meeting, tap the Zoom Touch Display to unhide the controls, then tap the

D2L Brightspace: Consistent Course NavBar and Homepage

, a decision was made by the Provost and exec team to create a standardized homepage and navbar experience for all students. Faculty no longer have access to change the navbar or course homepage in

Windows 10 System Updates

Question How can I check for system updates on my PC? Overview To check for latest system updates in your device follow the following procedures: Click the Gear icon in the Start menu

D2L Brightspace: Randomize Quiz Questions Using Question Pools

Question How do I add random questions in my D2L Brightspace course quizzes? How can I give each student a unique, randomized quiz? Overview Use a Question Pool to provide each student with

Locating and Running VPN on Windows

Windows machine, click the up arrow located to the left of your clock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen The circular symbol with a pad lock on it signifies that you are connected. If you do not see the locked padlock, you are not connected   Request Help

FlexSync Classroom: How to End a Meeting

Question How do I end a meeting in a FlexSync classroom?  Overview While in a meeting, the controls on the Zoom Touch Display will automatically hide after a few seconds. Tap the Zoom

Customer Requesting a SharePoint site

Overview How does a customer request a SharePoint Site? What information does IT need to create a SharePoint Site? Resolution If a customer would like a SharePoint site, please collect

D2L Brightspace: Share an Award

can share a certificate from a D2L Brightspace course with a link and/or by download. Download To download a PDF certificate file: In your D2L Brightspace course click the Assessments menu

D2L Brightspace: Student Quick Guide

Minnesota State Mankato’s online portal for classes that allows students to stay connected with their coursework 24/7. It is a valuable learning tool for all students, including undergraduate, graduate

Diploma Lists

Overview This article goes over how one may generate a Diploma List of the Registrar Office Resolution Internal Only 1.     In SQL Server Management Studio connect to server sql12-n1