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How do I obtain a TechID, StarID, MavMAIL/email, and MavCARD for employees not hired by Minnesota State University, Mankato Human Resources (HR)?

MSU, Email, TechID, StarID, and MavCARD identity card. This process is required to get those initial resources. ... get those initial resources. Since you are not an MSU-Mankato HR hired employee, we refer to you as a member of a cohort, or an affiliate member. You will need to have an MSU-Mankato employee sponsor

SMS (Text Messaging) FAQs on Zoom Phone

Frequently Asked Questions for Zoom Phone SMS Texting This is intended for Staff and Faculty Accounts Only. This is not for Student Zoom Accounts. *Please note that Minnesota State University

Issuing a Cell Phone and Other Mobile Computing Devices

Question How do I get a company issued cell phone?  Overview Before issuing a cellphone, review the University's cell phone policy and the instructions below. Then fill out the review form

Hardware Standards and Recommendations for Students

laptop or desktop computer to be enrolled in programs and courses. However, many students choose to bring them. Should you choose to do so, we would like to provide recommendations for hardware for

Making and Receiving Calls on Zoom Phone

area code don't require dialing the 507 area code. Just dial the 7-digit number.    - Long distance calls require 10-digit dialing within the US and Canada.    Sign in to the Zoom desktop

Manage Call Handling and Voicemail Settings for Zoom Phone

Question How do I customize how incoming calls to my university phone number (Zoom Phones) will be handled, customize my voicemail greetings and settings, set my voicemail PIN Code and block

Captioning Media

Question Questions related to article here Overview Guidelines and information to submit your captioning request: Contact IT Solutions through one of the following: Self-Help

Using SMS (Text Messaging) on Zoom Phone App

Question How can I send a test message using my Zoom Phone   Overview This is intended for Staff and Faculty Zoom Phone accounts Only. This is not for Student Zoom Accounts. NOTE: SMS

D2L Brightspace: Focus on feedback with grades or marks witholding

the feedback before releasing the grades. Students tend to focus on grades at the expense of written feedback – which may be detrimental to increasing future performance." See: Kuepper-Tetzel, C

How to Manage Call Queues

Question If I have access to a queue in zoom phone, how can I manage it?   Overview How to change call queue settings Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click

Frozen Crestron touchpanel

How do I fix the touchpad in the class room, that isn't letting me click on things? ... Overview This article goes over how to trouble shoot the touchpad model TPS-1700. Resolution If the Touchpad is model TPS-1700, follow the steps below: 1.     Turn touchpad over. 2

Recover Zoom Phone Voice Message

We are not able to recover deleted voice messages in Zoom Phone. ... Question Can I recover a voicemail that I deleted?  Overview Unfortunately, you can't recover a voicemail that's been deleted. You will receive an email notification with the voicemail

Using the Directory on Yealink Desk Phone

Use this article to look up someone's number in the LDAP directory from the Yealink desk phone. ... Question How do I look up someone's number using the directory from the Yealink Desk Phone?  Overview If you wish to use the directory from the Yealink T46U desk phone, follow the steps below