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Outlook - Share Your Calendar/Mailbox

share ... behalf, and People I am a delegate for. To share items with a user, Click the plus icon to the bottom left of Delegates who can act on my behalf In the Choose a Person box that appears, search

D2L Brightspace: Tag someone in a Discussion using @Mentions

in a discussion thread or reply. When you tag someone they get a subscription alert notification with a link to the tagged thread or reply. To use the @Mentions feature: Navigate to the

Add or change your Picture for your Microsoft Account (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint)

Add or change your Picture for your Microsoft Account (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint) - In Microsoft Teams or Outlook on the web, in the upper right corner, select your profile icon, then select your ... sharepoint ... In Microsoft Teams or Outlook on the web, in the upper right corner, select your profile icon, then select your profile icon from the drop-down menu. When you hover over the second profile icon a

How to Print to PDF File on Windows

This article goes over how one can print pdf files. ... Question   How do I print to a PDF file?    Overview Many Microsoft Office Apps and other apps can conserve printing by printing to a .PDF file.  Than you can upload, email, or keep a

D2L Brightspace: Create and Send Automated Emails Using Intelligent Agents

agent ... Intelligent Agents tool on these topics: What are Intelligent Agents? What can I use Intelligent Agents for? Example: Automatically email a student about course access Personalized messages with

Set Up Speed Dials or Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) on Zoom Phone

Speed dials and busy lamp fields are available to use on desk phones, you can configure speed dials or busy lamp fields within the Zoom Settings. ... numbers to keys on your phone, making it possible to dial those numbers with one push of a button.  Access line key settings as an admin or user.  In one of the keys, click Set Key. Change the

Using the Directory on Yealink Desk Phone

Use this article to look up someone's number in the LDAP directory from the Yealink desk phone. ... below:  Select Directory on the desk phone  Use the arrow buttons on the phone to move down to LDAP and press Enter  Type the preferred users last name using the number keys to search Select Enter once you find the correct person  Request Help

Qualtrics: View File Upload responses in Qualtrics

Question My Qualtrics survey includes a file upload question, how to I view what respondents uploaded? How do I download the files uploaded to a Qualtrics survey? Overview Access the

D2L Brightspace: Randomize Quiz Questions Using Question Pools

Question How do I add random questions in my D2L Brightspace course quizzes? How can I give each student a unique, randomized quiz? Overview Use a Question Pool to provide each student with

MediaSpace - How to Access

Question How do I access MediaSpace? Overview Navigate to Login using your StarID and Password Request Help

Crestron AirMedia

How do I use the Crestron AirMedia? What is air media and how do I connect to it? ... airmedia ... Overview This article notes down the step-by-step procedure of using Crestron AirMedia to display a computers display wirelessly. Resolution AirMedia allows the computer to establish a

Access Notes from iPhone

Question How do I access my notes using an iPhone?  Overview If you have previously configured your iOS device to connect to Office 365, you can access notes following the steps below. To

Account locked out

using your CAMPUS username and password.  This usually happens after some one changes their password but their old password is still saved somewhere on their machine.  If your account keeps getting

Using Firefox or Safari to embed LinkedIn Learning videos into D2L Brightspace

Using a work-around to enable Firefox or Safari to allow the embed Linkedin Learning feature in D2L Brightspace ... These are additional instructions for the procedures outlined in the Embedding LinkedIn Learning Videos in a D2L Brightspace Course knowledge article for those who wish to use Firefox or Safari

User Account for Polleverywhere

Question How can I have a user account for Polleverywhere? Overview There are two types of accounts in Polleverywhere:   1- Teacher/Faculty account: This is the account that can