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Attach an email in Outlook for Windows

Overview How can I attach an email in Outlook to another email? Resolution Create a message, or for an existing message, click Reply, Reply All, or Forward. In the message window, on

Windows Printer Installation Verification

printer-install ... Question How do I check if my network printer is installed correctly on my windows machine?  Overview To request access to a network printer for a windows machine or PC, please contact the

Zoom Phone Quick Informational Videos

How-To and Training Videos regarding Zoom Phones. ... Question How can I get familiar with the Zoom Phone system? We've curated some great videos created by Zoom to help you learn key features below. Quick Informational Videos  What is Zoom

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Mac

browser navigate to Enter your starid and password and click on Login. On the left hand side, click on AnyConnect. In the middle of the screen

Forward Calls Internally on Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone easily allows you to forward calls internally. ... Question How can I forward calls internally on Zoom Phone?  Overview *NOTE: Looking for forwarding to an external number? Please see Forward to External Number on Zoom Phone  Click on

Installing Software from Software Center on Windows

how to get to the software center read Software Center for Windows. Once Software Center has opened, click on the Application you want to install. Click on the Install button

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Windows

StarID on both a Windows computer and a Mac. The VPN client is used to allow your computer to do tasks off campus that would usually require you to be on campus. Examples of this include but are not

Office 365: Changing Document Permissions in Office 365 Delve

Question How do I change who has access to my document in Delve? Overview In the Office 365 Delve app, locate the document you want to verify permissions for Click the share icon

MavLife/Ready Education Course Integration Overview

Assignments - D2L Grades - D2L Announcements - D2L Discussions - D2L [Coming soon!] Quizzes - D2L Where do Courses Integrations appear: Ready Home: Highlights appear inToday’s Schedule” and

Become a Content Contributor for Your Department in the Mav Life App

This article explains how to get set up with a Campus Cloud account to post on Mav Life as a department. ... Mav Life as a way to share content with the student audience, including news and events. As a Content Contributor for your department, you can:  Post content in the News Feed  Create

Zoom: Sign In on iPhone or Android Using University Account

, zoom locks your account for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the user should be able to try again  Your web browser will prompt you to Open this page in Zoom. Select Open   Your Zoom app should now open and be signed into your University Zoom account     Request Help

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

LOG IN TO ZOOM How Can I Get Help with Zoom? There are many ways to get assistance with Zoom video conferencing. Zoom Help Center Zoom Tutorial Videos Zoom Live Training Sessions

Multi-factor Authentication FAQ – International travel with no cell service

Question What if I don't have cell service while traveling internationally? Overview  Install and configure the Microsoft Authenticator app on your cell phone prior to traveling

Text Messages Sent By The University and Opt In/Out Procedures

Messages for University Deadlines, Events, and Reminders D2L StarALERT Browse to Sign-in with your StarID and password Select Change or add Star

Resolving Issues with Wi-Fi Connectivity in Academic Buildings (Non State-Owned Devices)

Overview With recent upgrades made to our Wi-Fi network, some Windows devices cannot connect to any campus Wi-Fi or have spotty in and out connections. To fix the problem you will need to update