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Qualtrics: Set-up Star ID Sign On to a Qualtrics Survey

Qualtrics? Overview Adding an authenticator (Star ID sign on) to a survey flow will allow you to better verify the identity of who has taken your survey, including first name, last name, and

DVD Player Not Working

the DVD player) Press play on the touch panel Press play on the DVD player Verify your DVD is in good working condition For immediate assistance call x3221

ISRS Login Issues

login ... Question My ISRS account also is not allowing me to log on. Where can I get help? Overview If you are experiencing issues logging into ISRS/Uniface, try the following steps: Delete the

Outlook - Import Outlook OST or Archive on Mac

.   If you have a significant amount of email or calendar events, this import can take upwards of ten minutes. You will be unable to use Outlook during the import. Please do not interrupt the process. Request Help

Outlook - Export OST or Archive on Mac

store your Outlook for Mac Archive If you have a significant amount of email or calendar events, this backup can take upwards of ten minutes. You will be unable to use Outlook during the backup

D2L Brightspace: Associate Grades with Quizzes

Grades with other items, like Quizzes, in your course for benefits like: Up to date grade book by syncing grades from other learning activities to Grades. Auto-graded Quizzes get published to

Access MavLABS from macOS

Question How do I access MavLABS on a mac?  Overview Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app from the App Store. Navigate to Click the Login button. Once

Turnitin: Test submit or submit drafts to Turnitin in D2L Brightspace

. Scroll down and click Submit to save changes in the Optional Settings. Click the Save button in the Manage Turnitin window. Finally, in the Edit Assignments page, click the Save and Close button.         Request Help

Krypton: Set Password

Question How do I reset my Krypton account password? Overview Open a web browser. Navigate to Campus Account Settings. Log in using your StarID and StarID password

FlexSync Classroom: Start a Zoom Meeting

Question How do I start a meeting in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview Prior to your meeting time you should have created a meeting space and shared the invitation to that meeting space with

FlexSync Classroom: Use Share Screen to Improve Laptop Image Quality for Zoom Participants

instructions) Sharing Instructions: 1. Retrieve the Sharing Key for your meeting. Tap the Zoom Touch Display to unhide this information. The sharing key will be 6 random letters   2

FlexSync Classroom: How to Mute or Unmute Zoom

Question How do I mute or unmute the room microphone in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview 1.Tap your Zoom Touch Display to unhide the controls 2.Tap the microphone icon to mute or unmute the room’s microphone Request Help

FlexSync Classroom: Camera or View Froze for Zoom Particpants

Question How do I fix a frozen camera or view for zoom participants in a FlexSync Classroom? Overview In the technology rack at the teachers’ station, find the Vaddio Box. This technology

FlexSync Classroom: Manage Participants

controls, then tap the ellipsis icon Tap Manage Participants Tap Mute All to mute all participants Tap the arrow in the row of a participant to show options for that specific participant To close the Participants menu, tap the X icon Request Help

FlexSync Classroom: How to Control your Camera

Question How do I control the camera in FlexSync Classrooms?  Overview On the small classroom touch display, select Camera.             Use the preset controls or customize