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D2L Brightspace: Copy Select Course Components from one Course to Another

Question How do I copy Select Course Components from one course to another? How do I copy one quiz from one of my courses to another? Overview Navigate to the destination course (the

Respondus: Enable Respondus Monitor

Question How do I set-up Respondus Monitor online proctoring? How do I add Monitor to my D2L Brightspace quizzes? Overview To set-up Respondus Monitor: Navigate to Quizzes in your D2L

D2L Brightspace: App error message when requesting merged courses

Question I am a graduate teaching assistant and when I try to open the Brightspace Courses app to request merged/grouped courses it doesn't load. Why do I see a "You don't have access to this

D2L Brightspace: Add a Password to a Quiz

Question How do I add a password to a quiz on D2L Brightspace? Overview Create a password for students to enter before taking a quiz: After editing the quiz, click the Availability

D2L Brightspace: Add Start, End, and Due Dates to Quizzes

Start, End, and Due Dates The Start, End and Due dates are used in quizzes to modify when students will be able to see the quizzes, access the quiz, and the amount of time it is open for

D2L Brightspace: Change Name

Question How do I change my name in D2L Brightspace? How can I use my nickname or preferred name in D2L Brightspace? Overview Your first and last name in D2L Brightspace comes from your

D2L Brightspace: Adding Feedback to Quizzes when Grading

Question How do I add in individual feedback to students on quiz questions? When grading Quizzes, can I add feedback for a specific student? Overview You can provide overall feedback, attempt

D2L Brightspace: Can't send email from Classlist

Question I get an error when trying to send an email from Classlist to my students. How can I email my class outside of D2L Brightspace? Overview If you encounter an issue when attempting to

D2L Brightspace: Create a Holistic Rubric

Question How do I create a Holistic Rubric? Overview Click the Assessments menu in the navbar. Click Rubrics. Click New Rubric. Enter a Name for your rubric. From the Type menu

D2L Brightspace: Share a Development Course

Question What is one way to share my D2L Brightspace course with another faculty or Teacher's Assistant(TA)? What is a Development course? Overview Instructor and Teacher's Assistant roles

D2L Brightspace: Save discussions Threads and replies

Question How do I save discussion threads and replies? Overview NOTE: There is not currently a bulk export or download feature for threads and replies in D2L Brightspace Discussions. To

D2L Brightspace: Export grades to spreadsheet

Question How do I export grades to a spreadsheet? Overview Export your Grades records to a spreadsheet to save outside of D2L Brightspace: From the course homepage, Click the Assessment

D2L Brightspace: Create a Quiz using the Question Library

Question How do I create a D2L Brightspace Quiz using the Question Library?  Overview To create a D2L Brightspace Quiz using the Question Library: Navigate to the Assessments tab and

D2L Brightspace: View Question Feedback in Quizzes

Question How do students view feedback on a D2L Brightspace quiz?  Overview Grades, feedback, and statistical information will not be available until they are released by your instructor or

D2L Brightspace: Editing Groups

Question Questions related to article here Overview You can edit group enrollment in the Groups tool. To edit group enrollment: Click the Communication drop down menu on the course