Zoom SSO Error

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If you receive one of these errors when logging into either https://minnstate.zoom.us or your zoom application on your device using your star ID and password:

Something went wrong while you tried signing in with SSO erro


There are a couple of different possible reasons you are getting an error message when you attempt to log into zoom.

  1. Are you a registered student for this semester?  Only actively enrolled students can access Zoom.
  2. If you tried to log in 7 times or more, you will be temporarily locked out of the account for 30 minutes. 

If you are an active student and you have not reached the log in limit, please follow the steps on this page to log in to zoom:  Zoom Sign In

If you follow those steps and are still getting an error message, one of two things may be happening. 

  1. If you are still receiving an error message when you log into zoom on your device or when logging into https://minnstate.zoom.us, please navigate to https://starid.minnstate.edu/andclick the Sign in to Profile button
    1. Sign in with your Star ID and password
    2. Click the Office 365 Contact tab
    3. Click the Select New Student Contact Card Button
    4. Select your MNSU email listed in the menu. 
    5. Your mnsu.edu email should be the preferred email in both the Office 365 tab and the Star ID profile tab. 

2. If you have checked your star ID profile and it points to your mnsu.edu email and you are still unable to login, you may have a free zoom account that is using your mnsu.edu address. If you can login at  https://zoom.us/ with your mnsu.edu email then you will want to login and navigate to your profile and change your email using these instructions:  How do I Change the Email on My Account

3. If you have created a personal zoom account with your mnsu.edu email address you will need to deactivate that account.

4. If none of these steps allow you to log in with your star id and password at https://minnstate.zoom.us, please navigate to the Minnstate IT Services Support Portal and submit a request for assistance


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