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StarID Password Reset

password ... Question How do I reset my password? How do I reset my StarID password? Overview If you do not know your password, or your password is not working: Visit the website https

Reset Voicemail Pin

reset-pin ... Question How do I reset my voicemail PIN? Overview Individuals can now set their own PIN by the following steps: Navigate to  Login with your StarID and

Activate StarID With Personal E-mail Address

starid ... top box and your email address or last name in the bottom box, then click Continue.      You now need to create a password for your StarID. To create the password associated with it

Krypton: Set Password

Question How do I reset my Krypton account password? Overview Open a web browser. Navigate to Campus Account Settings. Log in using your StarID and StarID password

Cannot Login to University Laptop

starid ... Question What to do when you cannot Log into University Laptop Overview Connect an Ethernet cable to laptop Login with your StarID and StarID password If that still does not work

Adobe - Change Your Password

password ... Question How do I change my password for signing into Adobe?  Overview Instructions for how to reset your Adobe password can be found on Adobe's website at: Learn how to reset a forgotten password or change your existing passwords. ( Request Help

Log In to Scholarship Finder as a Student Applicant

Scholarship Finder. They will receive an invalid username and password error even though they just reset their StarID password.   Troubleshooting for Scholarship Finder Login Problems: Change

Connecting to Krypton

  Note: Replace starID with your own starID. Password:  krypton password. Note: If you don't know your krypton password you can view the following FAQ:   Click

Outlook Errors Profile Removal

. At times, you may manually have to type the Name, Email, and Password of the user. (Replacing your StarID for StarID):              Students, Alumni and Emeriti:

Cisco Jabber Client: Individual Setup

individual’s Jabber client for both the Mac and PC platform are below:   NOTE: Login is and StarID password not a PIN   The instructions below are for an individual

Setup Outlook with a Department E-mail Account

Enter a name for the profile.  This is used to identify the account Clear the Email Address: box and enter the email address you want to add Enter your StarID password in the Password and Retype

Cisco Jabber - Login Issues

the Jabber login screen Click Continue Enter just your StarID (remove and your StarID password Jabber should log you in   For Call Center Jabber users, follow the process

How to Install Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff

you are asked to login, use your (for students) or your (for faculty/staff) as the username and your StarID password as the password. You must add

Microsoft Teams - Install

Question How do I download Microsoft Teams? Overview Visit and sign in with your for students, or for staff and StarID password

Shared Mailboxes Setup  Faculty and Staff:  Note: Some student workers have an employee account and may need to use this. Password:  Enter