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Android MavMAIL Setup Native Mail App

mavmail ... Question How do I setup my Android device with MavMAIL?   Overview Settings At a Glance Email Address: Domain/username: Students, Alumni and

Change the From Address in Office 365 MavMAIL

mavmail ... Question In a new email how can I change the from address in MavMAIL? Overview Click on New Message on the navigation bar Click on ... on the navigation bar Select Show From

Setup MavMAIL on Outlook App Mobile Device

Question How do I set up my school or work email on my mobile device?  Overview iPhone For personally owned devices, download the Microsoft Outlook App from the App Store. For company

iOS MavMAIL Setup Native Mail App

Question How do I setup my iPhone or iPad with Office365? Overview Note: Instructions may vary depending on the version of the application you are using. Update the iOS Mail application on

Change Your Name, Preferred Name, and Email Address in MavMAIL and other Systems

mavmail ... Legal or Official Name) Students can set a preferred name (like your nickname) that will be used in communications and will appear in D2L Brightspace, MavMAIL, class rosters, MavCARD and other

MavMAIL: receiving email from my former MinnState college or university email address.

mavmail ... Overview Why am I still getting email from an old email address at a college or university in my MavMAIL email? Resolution All former email addresses are attached to your MinnState

D2L Brightspace: Login to Office 365 Widget to Access MavMAIL, Outlook, Calendar and OneDrive

mavmail ... Question How do I access my MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive from D2L Brightspace? Overview The Office 365 widget on the D2L Brightspace homepage allows you to view your MavMail

How do I obtain a TechID, StarID, MavMAIL/email, and MavCARD for employees not hired by Minnesota State University, Mankato Human Resources (HR)?

resources? MavMAIL - Email MavCARD - MSU-Mankato identity card Door Access StarID TechID Overview Those that are employed or volunteer to work for The University but are not paid or

StarID Works for Some Items, but Not Everything

mavmail ... Question What do I do when I can log in to D2L and E-Services but not MavMAIL?  Overview If this happens, you can check if your password is synchronized with our system using the following

Remove From Email List

mavmail ... Question Why am I still receiving emails from MNSU after I graduated? Overview This typically means you may have set up to forward your emails. In order to remove the forwarding of

Multi-Factor Authentication - Lost Smart Phone

mavmail ... Question I lost my smart phone. How do I verify my sign-in? Overview Sign-in to MavMAIL On the Approve sign in request screen, click Sign in another way Choose one of the other

Outlook Cached Mode On and Off

mavmail ... Question I am unable to receive or view any emails in Outlook. In the bottom right hand corner it says not connected to MNSU. I am using Windows 10 with Outlook, what can I do? Overview You

Changing Font Size in Outlook

mavmail ... Question How can I  change the font size in Outlook? Overview To change or adjust font size within Outlook please see Microsoft's Website.   Request Help

iOS Mail App: Action Required to Access Your Email

Question How do I access by email from iOS Mail App? Overview Delete the iOS Mail account Open Settings Click on Passwords and Accounts Click on Exchange or MavMAIL

D2L Brightspace: App error message when requesting merged courses

The most common reason the app will display an access error message is when using a Student MavMail account to log into the Brightspace Courses app. To resolve this issue: Log out of