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What is the process for a user whose wireless is disabled due to infection?

-mail inbox when either malicious network traffic, data leakage, or else communication to known bad server was detected from their computer. Before Information Security can re-enable the client's

D2L Brightspace: Discussion Topics/Forums Not Displaying for Students

Question Why can't my students see discussions forums/topics in D2L? Overview If students report that they cannot see a Discussion Forum or Topic, sometimes this is due to Availability or

D2L Brightspace: Release Final Grades (Students unable to view final grade)

Question I can see my students' final grade, but they say they can't. | How to I let my students see their final calculated grade in D2L? | Why can't my students see their Final Grade in D2L

D2L Brightspace: Login to Office 365 Widget to Access MavMAIL, Outlook, Calendar and OneDrive

Question How do I access my MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive from D2L Brightspace? Overview The Office 365 widget on the D2L Brightspace homepage allows you to view your MavMail

FlexSync Classroom: Use Share Screen to Improve Laptop Image Quality for Zoom Participants

instructions) Sharing Instructions: 1. Retrieve the Sharing Key for your meeting. Tap the Zoom Touch Display to unhide this information. The sharing key will be 6 random letters   2

ImageNow: Report an Issue With an ImageNow eForm

Question How do I report an issue with ImageNow?  Overview Complete eForm Incident form to report an issue.   Request Help

Adobe Acrobat is Asking for a Login/Trial Period

Question What can I do if Adobe is asking for a Login/Trial period?  Overview Please see Adobe's Website and follow the steps to try to resolve the issue   Request Help

OneDrive - Uploading Files

Question How can I upload file into my OneDrive? Overview Login to your OneDrive at Click Upload Select file Locate your file Select the file you want to upload Click open to add the file to your OneDrive   Request Help

MuseScore - Install

Question How do I install MuseScore?  Overview To install MuseScore on a chromebook, please follow the Website's directions   Request Help


Question What is MavAccess? Overview MavAccess is an online accommodations system that is used by Accessibility Resources. Issues with students inability to login to this resources should be referred to Accessibility Resources.

Student Employee EPiServer Authentication

Student employees with access to the EPiServer content editor must use <starid> ... Student employees with access to the EPiServer content editor must use <starid> Students using <starid> to log in to EPiServer WILL NOT be able to access the content editor.

D2L Brightspace: Copy Courses

Question How do I copy my existing course in D2L Brightspace to a new course offering? Overview Copy a whole course or copy individual items in D2L Brightspace using these comprehensive

D2L Brightspace: Class Progress Customizable Student Progress Dashboard

Question How do I customize Class Progress? Overview Learn about Class Progress, a customizable student progress dashboard in D2L Brightspace in this helpful guide: Guide to Class Progress: Customizable Student Progress Dashboard in D2L Brightspace   Request Help

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Report

Overview Perceptive Content / ImageNow Business Insight is a Reporting tool. The only person who can create and configure reports is the Perceptive Content / ImageNow Administrator at MSU

Installing Microsoft Office 365 in Chromebook

Question How to Install Office 365 in Chromebook Overview Please follow the instructions in the link below