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Digitizing Media

digitized videos will be placed into your MediaSpace site. This process enables you to share your videos in D2L while granting student access based on authenticated D2L access. Any copyrighted

Create an Outlook Email Contact Group from an Email Message

sent to the people you want to include in the contact group. In the To or Cc box, highlight all the names with your mouse (Fig 1).     Right-click your selection and then click Copy, or

Hard Drive Full After Windows Reinstallation

on the More Options tab Under System Restore and Shadow Copies, click Clean up... Click Delete Request Help

Copyright and Fair Use

What is considered fair use of copyrighted media? Where can I find information regarding Copyrights and Fair Use? ... copyright ... Overview This article contains all information required to know for copyright and fair use. Resolution Fair Use is the ability to use copyrighted materials without the permission of the

How to Print to PDF File on Windows

copy on your computer than printing it. The procedure is similar on Mac devices.    Open the document to be printed. Click File in the upper left corner of the window and then select Print

Instructional Design Definition and Services Offered

instructional-design ... , or instructional technology.  Instructional Designers both assist faculty in course design and provide resources and professional development opportunities on the latest teaching methods, trends

Share a File Publicly Using OneDrive

Question How can I share a file through OneDrive for others outside of MNSU to view? Overview In your OneDrive account, check the file you want to share Click on Copy Link on the top

Shared Mailboxes and Distribution Lists

side of the screen (shown below).                                          A single copy of any emails sent to the Shared Mailbox's email address will be stored in the Shared Mailbox's Inbox

Troubleshooting WorkMSU.rdp connection

these steps:   Guide the customer in finding the WorkMSU.rdp in their downloads folder Copy and paste it to the desktop Inform the customer to only use this to access the new remote

Adobe Error - You Don't Have Access to Manage Apps

/Configs/ Locate the serviceconfig.xml file and copy it to your desktop folder Open the file in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (MacOS) In the serviceconfig.xml file, change the value of AppsPanel from false to true Save and close the serviceconfig.xml file   Request Help

Accessibility Consulting

with instructors, faculty and students who a) have a registered disability, or b) work with or teach a person with a registered disability to ensure that course materials are accessible and that

MavPRINT Check Balance

  NOTE: when your Arrears Balance reaches -$50.00, printing will be suspended until this amount is paid partially or in full. You can pay off your Arrears Balance at the Memorial Library Copy

University Communication Tools

Question How do I communicate campus-wide messages? How do I share information with the campus audiences? What communications tools are available for marketing campaigns? Quick links

Alcohol Wise Student Login Issues

address is different from their MavMail email, it can cause login issues. If a student is having problems logging into the SHS Alcohol-Wise course, have the student perform the following: Navigate

Unable to Connect to ISRS from VPN

starting ISRS (Uniface), or staring file explorer and checking to see if the M: N: and U: drives are now mapped. Another method is to copy a shortcut for the U: drive to the desktop. After connecting to