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D2L Brightspace: Editing Groups

- What happens if I move a studnet to a new group? Discussion posts remain in the old group and do not count towards a student's grade if the forum or topic is associated with a grade item. The

Acceptable Use Policies

acceptable ... Question What is acceptable use consist of on MNSU Campus?  Overview The residence hall network is a shared resource designed for student access to the Internet for appropriate academic and

Office Shared Computer Activation - Computers in Campus Computer Labs

Question How do I activate Office 365 Pro Plus Shared Computer? Overview The steps below will need to be taken by everyone the first time using a computer in a campus computer lab with

Share a File Publicly Using OneDrive

Question How can I share a file through OneDrive for others outside of MNSU to view? Overview In your OneDrive account, check the file you want to share Click on Copy Link on the top

VALT 500 error

the login name and making sure it is just the StarID. Oops! An Error Occurred! The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error". Something is broken. Please e-mail us and let us know what

Adobe Error - You Don't Have Access to Manage Apps

Access ... Question How do I fix the error "You don't have access to manage these apps?"  Overview If a user is logging into creative cloud and cannot download any apps with the error "You don't have

D2L Brightspace: Submit a request for third-party software integration

: Request for D2L Brightspace Integration Set-up Include the following information in the request (please include as much information as you can to speed the process): Product Information

D2L Brightspace: Known Issue in Respondus Monitor Facial Recognition and Masks

Brightspace. Issue Students wearing masks for protection from COVID-19 can result in the Respondus Monitor software to: Prevent students from starting a quiz, Unnecessarily flag submissions for

MediaSpace - Create Recording

Question How do I record videos through MediaSpace? Overview Navigate to Login using your StarID and Password Click the Add New button Click Kaltura

D2L Brightspace: Set-up the bookstore First Day® links in your course

add ... are automatically opted-in to the program with registration. Adding the First Day link assures students can choose to opt-out of the course materials fee charged by Barnes & Noble if they choose. If the

D2L Brightspace: Remove a course section from a grouped course and add a section to an already grouped course

add ... . This allows you to rearrange which course sections are grouped together. First, log in to the Brightspace courses self-service tool: 1. Navigate to the D2L Brightspace homepage. 2. Click Merge

Remove From Email List

Overview A student who has graduated may still be receiving emails from MNSU by mistake. Resolution This typically means they have a forward in place. Provide the user with the necessary

User Account for Polleverywhere

account student will need to have access or participate to secured polls and surveys. This account can't modify or add polls and surveys. There are different ways to be invited to have such an account

Connect a Zoom Meeting to a HD Video Conferencing/Telepresence Classroom

Question How do I connect a Zoom meeting to an HD video conferencing/Telepresence classroom? Overview 1. Navigate to 2. Click Sign in. Log in with

Office 365 Shared Tenant - Email Send Limits

Question What are the email sending limits for students and alumni? Overview Sending limits for Students and Alumni email accounts in the Office 365 Shared Tenant: 100 external (i.e