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Remote Assistance Teamviewer

Use this article to get remote assistance through Teamviewer ... assistance ... Question How do I use remote assistance? What is TeamViewer? How do I download TeamViewer? Overview TeamViewer is the software we use to remotely connect to your PC to help solve tech issues

Installing Mathematica on Windows for a Personal Computer

organization (SSO). Your default web browser should open to and be asking you for your email address.  Enter your email address and click on

D2L Brightspace: Add Feedback in Grades

Question How do I add feedback to a grade item? How can I share personalized feedback with a student? Overview Note: If you have associated an Assignment, Discussion or Quiz to a grade item

D2L Brightspace: Request to Add Homepage Announcement

is appropriate to share on that forum. This also has the potential for reducing the effectiveness of announcements directed at improving student and faculty success and experience in D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace: Associate Grades with Quizzes

associate ... Question How do I transfer exam scores from Quizzes to Grades in my course? Overview First, set-up Grades in your course. Then, associate or link Grade items to Quizzes. Associating

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Windows

: Click on the Start button (windows flag icon) in the lower left corner. Type Cisco as this should search your computer and click on Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to run it. Note:  If

Hardware Standards and Recommendations for Students

laptop or desktop computer to be enrolled in programs and courses. However, many students choose to bring them. Should you choose to do so, we would like to provide recommendations for hardware for

D2L Brightspace: Adding Feedback to Quizzes when Grading

attempts ... Question How do I add in individual feedback to students on quiz questions? When grading Quizzes, can I add feedback for a specific student? Overview You can provide overall feedback

Flip: How to Sign On/Access a Flip Educator's Account

active ... that helps educators see and hear from every student in class. It is one tool you can use to create a social online learning environment. Get Started with Flip for Members (teachers). Overview

Accessing MavDISK files using an Internet Web Browser

many files: 1. Open your Web browser. 2. Navigate to MavDISK Web Access 3. Log in using your StarID and StarID password. 4. From here, you can choose to open your personal MavDISK folders

Connecting to eduroam with Android

android ... students, faculty and staff of MSU to use with their personally owned devices. Enroll your device to enjoy Wi-Fi access throughout this campus as well as other eduroam-participating institutions. To

D2L Brightspace: Add Start, End, and Due Dates to Quizzes

Start, End, and Due Dates The Start, End and Due dates are used in quizzes to modify when students will be able to see the quizzes, access the quiz, and the amount of time it is open for

Remote Connection to a Common Desktop using WorkMSU - Macs

Mac? Note: Multi-Factor Authentication is Required to Connect to WorkMSU When loggin in, WorkMSU requires Microsoft 365 multi-factor authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your

Change Multi-Factor Authentication to Microsoft Authenticator App

This article shows step-by-step how to change your Multi-Factor Authentication method to the Microsoft Authenticator App? ... multi-factor-authentication ... the App Store or Google Play that allows you to authenticate Microsoft 365 sign-ins. You can easily add the Microsoft Authenticator app as an authentication option on your account.   Add

Zoom: Sign In on Windows with University Account

. After 30 minutes, the user should be able to try again Select Open Zoom Meetings from the prompt If it does not automatically prompt you, select Launch Zoom on the webpage Your Zoom application should now be logged in as shown below Request Help