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Office 365 Shared Tenant - Email Send Limits

Question What are the email sending limits for students and alumni? Overview Sending limits for Students and Alumni email accounts in the Office 365 Shared Tenant: 100 external (i.e

Changing Area Code for Zoom Phones

How to change the area code in Zoom phone ... before the 389-xxxx number. Instructions 1. Sign into the Minnesota State Zoom web portal ( using your employee StarID credentials.  2. On the left-side

Dell Hardware Diagnostic Test

Dell support website Use your Service Tag Number on the computer, additional troubleshooting options, warranty information, driver updates, etc Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Submit an Assignment (Student)

Question How do I submit an Assignment in D2L Brightspace? How do I upload a file to share with my instructor? Overview Students use the Assignments tool to upload and submit assignments

D2L Brightspace: Release Final Grades (Students unable to view final grade)

Question I can see my students' final grade, but they say they can't. | How to I let my students see their final calculated grade in D2L? | Why can't my students see their Final Grade in D2L

Respondus: Monitor Known Issue with Facial Recognition and Masks

Question How do I turn off the 'facial recognition requirement' feature in Respondus Monitor?   Overview There is a known issue with Respondus Monitor while taking Quizzes in D2L

Acceptable Use Policies

Question What is acceptable use consist of on MNSU Campus?  Overview The residence hall network is a shared resource designed for student access to the Internet for appropriate academic and

Share an Outlook Calendar With Someone

Overview This article goes over how one may share their outlook calendar with someone.. Resolution Navigate to your calendar in Outlook. Right-click on your calendar under My

Outlook - Share Your Calendar/Mailbox

 Outlook and then choose Preferences Click the account that you want to add a delegate to, choose Advanced, and then choose Delegates In this view, you should be able to see Delegates who can act on my

Create an Outlook Email Contact Group from an Email Message

sent to the people you want to include in the contact group. In the To or Cc box, highlight all the names with your mouse (Fig 1).     Right-click your selection and then click Copy, or

Microsoft Teams - Turn Off Automatic Teams Meeting

Microsoft created and turned-on a feature that automatically adds a Microsoft Teams meeting to all new meetings created in Outlook. If you would rather turn this feature off, follow these instructions. ... Microsoft created and turned-on a feature that automatically adds a Microsoft Teams meeting to all new meetings created in Outlook. If you would rather turn this feature off, select the system you

D2L Brightspace: Add Start, End, and Due Dates to Quizzes

Start, End, and Due Dates The Start, End and Due dates are used in quizzes to modify when students will be able to see the quizzes, access the quiz, and the amount of time it is open for

Request IT Solutions Print Materials

Need informational materials on campus tech? We've got you! Take a look at our materials, request what you need, and we'll deliver right to your office! View catalog Request materials

Computer not powering on - screen , lights or noise not observed

   Connect laptop to AC adapter o   Verify laptop battery is fully charged o   Dell Laptop Diagnostic and Battery Indicators   3. Check for Desktop o   Verify electricity into the computer

D2L Brightspace: Request to Add Homepage Announcement

is appropriate to share on that forum. This also has the potential for reducing the effectiveness of announcements directed at improving student and faculty success and experience in D2L Brightspace