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Multi-Factor Authentication - Self-Enrollment by Phone

Question I don't have a smartphone or I don't want to use my personal smartphone. How can I enroll in multi-factor authentication? Overview Click to follow the link to self-enrollment

Windows 10 System Updates

Question How can I check for system updates on my PC? Overview To check for latest system updates in your device follow the following procedures: Click the Gear icon in the Start menu

Locating and Running VPN on Windows

Windows machine, click the up arrow located to the left of your clock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen The circular symbol with a pad lock on it signifies that you are connected. If you do not see the locked padlock, you are not connected   Request Help

Customer Requesting a SharePoint site

Overview How does a customer request a SharePoint Site? What information does IT need to create a SharePoint Site? Resolution If a customer would like a SharePoint site, please collect

Cisco Jabber Client: Access Request

Process to request Cisco Jabber. ... Question How do I request access to Cisco Jabber? Overview In order to request this tool a provisioning needs to happen with our telecommunication system. In order to process the request the

Outlook Emails - Delivery Delay

-Delivery Detonation setting is being enabled to reduce the number of times users see the “Blocked because Microsoft is still scanning the page” message, in turn helping provide the best possible

User Account for Polleverywhere

account student will need to have access or participate to secured polls and surveys. This account can't modify or add polls and surveys. There are different ways to be invited to have such an account

Obtain Email Addresses For Research

Overview Identify the specific information you need Identify how many email addresses? Identify, if any, specific characteristics, demographics, or parameters you need to filter

Outlook - Change Your Default Address Book

. On the Home tab, click Address Book icon   In the Address Book dialog box that opens, click Tools and then click on Options Under When opening the address book, show this address list

ISRS Gives a Side by Side Configuration Error

Question What to do when ISRS gives a side by side error? Overview This happens when a computer doesn't have Visual Studio C++ 2005 x86 installed. Navigate to one of the following

Enabling/Disabling DO NOT DISTURB (DND)

Question How do I enable or disable DO NOT DISTURB (DND) on my Zoom phone?  Overview Enabled DND will automatically bring calls to VM. You can set DND to multiple time frames, 20 minutes 1

Check Voicemail From Off Campus

voicemail messages directly to your MavMAIL email Inbox. For those voicemail boxes that save to a different location, follow the steps below. Dial 507-389-2222 (you will hear "Cisco Unity

MediaSpace - Create Recording

Question How do I record videos through MediaSpace? Overview Navigate to Login using your StarID and Password Click the Add New button Click Kaltura

Outlook General Troubleshooting

) Locate the file that is ending in .ost Right click and rename the file to .old Open Outlook and check if the issue is resolved If issue persist, please follow steps from Microsoft’s Outlook For

Slow Speed Using VPN

internet ... rather than VPN since WorkMSU is a remote desktop connection where only the keyboard, video and mouse go back to to the customer laptop while the actual software runs on a server in the computer center on