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StarID Password Reset

or MavCARD to verify your identity. Enter your New Password and Confirm New Password Select a preferred email for notifications, read the Acceptable Use Policy and place a checkmark in the

ImageNow/Perceptive Content - Settings

alleviating the need for physical transfer of paper documents while keeping the documents accessible to appropriate University personnel.    Settings will need to be adjusted in order for Perceptive

Emergency Notification

Overview Emergency audio broadcast and text message used to communicate to campus clientele in event of an emergency situation. Audio broadcast of emergency notifications occur through telephones

Descriptive Video Services (DVS)

Question How do I get help with Description Video Services (DVS)? Overview We currently have IT Solutions staff available to assist faculty in descriptive video services (DVS) - also known

How do I obtain a TechID, StarID, MavMAIL/email, and MavCARD for employees not hired by Minnesota State University, Mankato Human Resources (HR)?

MSU, Email, TechID, StarID, and MavCARD identity card. This process is required to get those initial resources. ... get those initial resources. Since you are not an MSU-Mankato HR hired employee, we refer to you as a member of a cohort, or an affiliate member. You will need to have an MSU-Mankato employee sponsor

Check Voicemail on Zoom Phone

Question How do I check my voicemail on Zoom Phone? How do I reset my voicemail pin?  Overview These document is intended for users to check their OWN voicemail or for users to check the

Guest Wi-Fi Access

a StarID. It allows access to the Internet and to services on campus that are accessible to the Internet. Most internal services such as MavDISK or ISRS are not accessible on the MavGUEST Wi-Fi

SMS (Text Messaging) FAQs on Zoom Phone

Mankato is currently in the process of transitioning all employees from the Cisco phone system to the Zoom phone service. This article applies only to those who have been moved to the Zoom phone

Hardware Standards and Replacement Cycles for State-Owned Computers

University technology device hardware standards and recommendations for computer replacement cycles that comply with Minnesota State requirements to keep devices running securely and effectively. ... Windows Computers:  Microsoft or Dell  9th Generation Intel Processor (To run Windows 11)  8 GB of Ram  256 GB Hard Drive  New Windows Computer Purchases

Adding and Managing Contacts

To add contacts that are not part of zoom phone yet, you must add the user as an external contact. ... Question How can I add an external contact or manage my contacts?  Overview How to view the Contact Directory on Zoom App: Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.  Click the

Using Your Yealink Desk Phone for Zoom Meeting Audio (Companion Mode)

setting up a Zoom Meeting button on your Yealink desk phone. This is referred to as Companion Mode. When companion mode is set up, your Yealink phone works in conjunction with your computer to be

Manage Call Handling and Voicemail Settings for Zoom Phone

Question How do I customize how incoming calls to my university phone number (Zoom Phones) will be handled, customize my voicemail greetings and settings, set my voicemail PIN Code and block

Issuing a Cell Phone and Other Mobile Computing Devices

 and return to Julie Keck in IT Solutions.      How to issue a phone:  The supervisor of an employee requesting the device and plan must determine if the employee meets the threshold

Hardware Standards and Recommendations for Students

laptop or desktop computer to be enrolled in programs and courses. However, many students choose to bring them. Should you choose to do so, we would like to provide recommendations for hardware for

Making and Receiving Calls on Zoom Phone

This article will walk you through how to make and receive calls on the Zoom Phone from all platforms. ... area code don't require dialing the 507 area code. Just dial the 7-digit number.    - Long distance calls require 10-digit dialing within the US and Canada.    Sign in to the Zoom desktop