Multi-Factor Authentication - Lost Smart Phone


I lost my smart phone. How do I verify my sign-in?


  1. Sign-in to MavMAIL
  2. On the Approve sign in request screen, click Sign in another way
  1. Choose one of the other steps to Verify your identity 
  1. Contact your cell phone carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint,etc.) to notify them of the lost phone 
  1. If you have University data stored on your smart phone, or this is a university phone, contact the IT Solutions Center to have the University data wiped from your smart phone 
  1. Setup your additional security verification options following the steps in these help articles:
    1. Android (insert link for Android Setup)
    2. iOS (insert link for iOS Setup) 

      7.  To change authentication method, please go here:



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