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MavPRINT Locations

mavprint ... Question Where can I print on campus? Overview MavPRINT Color Stations:   Building Location Maintenance 7700 France

MavPRINT Check Balance

mavprint ... Question How can students check their MavPRINT Balance?  Overview NOTE: New to MavPRINT: Students are still allocated $20 for printing each semester through MavPRINT. Once this allocation

MavPRINT Touchless Printing

How to use MavPRINT Touchless Printing for quick and sanitary printing. ... mavprint ... Question What is MavPRINT Touchless printing and how can I do it? Overview MavPRINT Touchless Printing is quicker and more sanitary since you don't have to touch a keyboard to print

MavPRINT Mobile Printing

mavprint ... Question How do I print in from a browser on my laptop, tablet, or phone? Where is the MavPRINT mobile website? Overview How do I print from my Laptop? Login to the MavPRINT

MavPRINT Refund Request

mavprint ... misprint Assign a task to Mark Wildt in systems management If refund is approved, the student's MavPRINT balance should reflect the change in a few business day   Print costs are 5 cents per page for black and white and 40 cents per page for color print. Request Help

MavPRINT Two-Sided Printing

mavprint ... Question How can I print single-sided pages or two-sided printing on MavPRINT? Overview MavPRINT will print on both sides of a sheet of paper by default. This is called two-side (duplex

MavPRINT Error Alias Already in Use

mavprint ... Question I am trying to login to MavPRINT from a kiosk and receiving the error "Alias alreayd in use" what should I do?  Overview If a customer is trying to login into MavPRINT from a Kiosk

Windows Printer Installation Verification

mavprint ... Question How do I check if my network printer is installed correctly on my windows machine?  Overview To request access to a network printer for a windows machine or PC, please contact the

MNSU Mac Printers

Overview Before trying to add a network printer to a computer please make sure that permissions have been granted to that user for the desired network printer. Please contact the Service Desk to

Account locked out

locked out, follow these steps to unlocking it: Table of Contents: Clear User Passwords Clear MavDISK Mapping Clear MavPRINT Connection  Clear MavNet-Encrytped Windows Clear MavNet

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Windows

Question How do I setup the VPN client? How do I connect to MavDISK or MavPRINT from off campus? Overview You can connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software using your

Guest Wi-Fi Access

setting up a wireless connection please contact the IT Solutions Center via one of the following methods: Walk-in:  lower level Centennial Student Union and 1st floor Memorial Library (near the MavPRINT stations) Phone: 507.389.6654 Email: