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Eduroam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HR. If you continue to have issues, please contact the IT Solutions Center and we will do our best to get your device connected to eduroam. Is eduroam available in the Residence Communities

Adobe Acrobat is Asking for a Login/Trial Period

Question What can I do if Adobe is asking for a Login/Trial period?  Overview Please see Adobe's Website and follow the steps to try to resolve the issue   Request Help

StarID Password Reset

haven’t Note:  If you do not remember your security questions or the answers are failing for the security questions, please contact the IT Solutions Center. Please be ready with a government issued ID

Verification for Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Not Sending

its settings. Possible things to try to resolve the issue: Restart your mobile device Restarting your mobile device ends background processes or services that are currently running that

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

discussion. See More Mobile Devices App Zoom is available on mobile devices in addition to the traditional Win/Mac versions. Zoom has covered all major mobile platforms including iPhones

D2L Brightspace: Unable to Upload Documents

Question Why can't I upload documents to D2L Assignments? Overview There is a known issue with D2L Brightspace. If a document has a special character, like / or \ in the title, the user will

Dell Hardware Diagnostic Test

-diagnose-and-fix-hardware-problems-on-your-dell-pc--tablet-or-servers?lang=en Turn on the machine and press the F12 key when the Dell icon appears Once the boot menu appears, use the arrow keys to

D2L Brightspace: Error uploading to Assignments or Content

common reason a file cannot be uploaded is because the file name contains a special character. Change the file name to resolve the issue: Open the file that you are trying to upload. Locate

MavAPPS for Windows

: Citrix Workspace App (preferred method) MavAPPS Website Both methods use Citrix Workspace, but the web method can have a few more issues due to it needing to use some browser add-ons to

D2L Brightspace: Unable to Enable LockDown Browser

typically due to a nullor an empty value in the Submissions View Message field. This is a sporadic issue and might occur after a course copy. The quickest way to resolve the problem is to enter some text

How to Forward a Cisco Desk Phone to a University-Provided Cell Phone

Question How do I forward my desk phone calls to my university issued cell phone?  Overview For employees that wish to forward their desk phone to their university-provided cell phone

D2L Brightspace: Set-up the bookstore First Day® links in your course

. Students also need publisher link(s) to access their course content through that publisher if you are using material from Cengage, McGraw Hill, and others. Fix a Known Issue: No materials

D2L Brightspace: Cannot Edit a Rubric

will become locked. This means you cannot edit the Rubric. To solve this issue you copy the rubric, edit it, and then associate the edited Rubric to a new* Assignments folder or Discussion topic

Accessing ISRS on University Owned Machine

Question How do I access ISRS on my MNSU computer?  Overview These instructions presume you are accessing ISRS on a machine from which you have previously used to access ISRS on campus

Report Office 365 Spam

Report Message button. Select the appropriate category for the message (Junk or Phishing).   Microsoft Outlook for macOS There are two ways to report a phishing/spam email in