Verification for Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Not Sending


What if I’m not getting the verification code sent to my mobile device?


If you are not receiving your verification code, it’s typically related to your mobile device and its settings.

Possible things to try to resolve the issue:

  1. Restart your mobile device
    • Restarting your mobile device ends background processes or services that are currently running that could be causing the problem, along with refreshing your device’s core components.


  1. Verify your security information is correct


  1. Verify your notifications are turned on
    • Check your mobile device to make sure that notifications are turned on and that the notification method is set to allow phone calls, your authentication app, and your messaging app (for text messages) to send visible alert notifications to your mobile device.


  1. Make sure you have a device signal and Internet connection
  • Have someone call you and send a text message to you to make sure you receive both. If you have verified your device is turned on and you still don’t receive the call or text, it’s most likely an issue with your network and you will need to talk to your provider. If signal-related problems are common, use the “Microsoft Authenticator app” on your mobile device. The app will generate random security codes for sign-in without requiring any cell signal or Internet connection.


  1. Turn off Do not disturb
    • Check to see if the Do not disturb feature has been turned on for your mobile device. When this feature is enabled, notifications aren’t allowed to alert you on your mobile device. Refer to the mobile device manual for instructions on how to turn off this feature


  1. Unblock phone numbers
    • In the United States, voice calls from Microsoft come from the following numbers: +1 (866) 539 4191, +1 (855) 330 8653, and +1 (877) 668 6536.


  1. Check your battery-related settings
    • If you set your battery optimization to stop-lesser-used apps from remaining active in the background, your notification system has most-likely been affected. Turn off the battery optimization for your authentication app and your messaging app, then try signing into your account again.


  1. Disable third-party security apps
    • If you have an app on your phone that protects text messages or calls to minimize unknown callers, this may be preventing the verification code from being received. Try disabling any third-party security apps.


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