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iOS MavMAIL Setup Native Mail App

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Enter your StarID: If you are an employee, enter your and name for this account. (Example: MNSU Email) If you are a student

Shared Mailboxes Setup

. Log in to Replace StarID with your StarID:  Students, Alumni and Emeriti:  Faculty and Staff:  Note: Some

VALT 500 error

This is an error that some people have received after changing their starid. A few things that help Clearing Browser Cache Restarting computer VALT admin checking

Setup MavMAIL on Outlook App Mobile Device

) If you'd like to add another email account, tap Add. Otherwise tap Maybe Later.  You may want to Allow notifications from Outlook You're done! It may take a few minutes for your emails and calendar items to sync.  Request Help

Connect to a Department or Group MavDISK Folder on a Mac

item Type smb:// Click the + button to add the server to Favorite Servers Click Connect In the Name field, type your StarID In the Password field, type your StarID password Click Connect Your MavDISK group folder has now been setup Request Help

Map MavDISK or Department Drive On Mac

StarID for your StarID) or \\mavdisk\msu\group folders for department drives. next to Server Address: then click the + button to add the server to Favorite Servers. Click Connect for groups

Microsoft Always on VPN

if you were locally on campus for many of the services and systems you are used to connecting to such as MavDISK, logging into your computer after resetting your StarID password, Windows Updates, ISRS

Turn Off Focused Inbox and Turn On Clutter

365 link For Staff, click or type your For Students, click or type your When prompted, enter your password, then click Sign In Click

Connecting to eduroam with Windows 10/11

, and MavNet-Encrypted. If there is a Forget option in the menu, click Forget. If there is only a Connect menu item, do not click on Connect.   Your Windows 10/11 computer is now set up to use

D2L Brightspace: Change Email Address

, Click the Login to Office 365/MavMAIL button 3. Enter, click Next 4. Enter your Star ID password, Click Next NOTE: You may have to follow some setting up steps before

eduroam Wi-Fi Network: Connect with a Chromebook (Chrome OS)

preference. This will not affect having to re-sign in for your Wi-Fi connection. It is only used for if you login to another StarID service on this computer while using the Chrome browser. Choose if

MavAPPS for Macs

/workspace-app-for-mac-latest.html Go to the location your browser downloads items to and locate and double-click on the CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg. Note:  This is most likely the Downloads folder

MavAPPS for Windows

Question How do I install the Citrix Workspace for use with MavAPPS on Windows? Overview NOTE:  MavAPPS is currently only available if you are on campus (Mankato or Edina) or if you are

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Windows

StarID on both a Windows computer and a Mac. The VPN client is used to allow your computer to do tasks off campus that would usually require you to be on campus. Examples of this include but are not

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Mac

Question Where is Cisco AnyConnect (Cisco VPN) on my Mac? Overview Cisco VPN is needed for student computers, and any macOS computer that need to use MavAPPs. MavAPPs is not reachable from