Connecting to eduroam with iPhones


How do I connect to eduroam from my iPhone? For more information please visit our Eduroam Page.


eduroam is the preferred Wi-Fi network for students, faculty, staff and guests personally owned devices to use that's secure and once set up, can be used throughout campus as well as any other university throughout the world that has an eduroam network. 


To connect your iPhone to eduroam, you must have an active StarID account and Internet access. MavGuest or MavNet can be used if available.


  1. Make sure your iPhone has internet access.
  2. Using a Safari, navigate directly to (available from on or off campus) 
  3. The system should automatically pull the correct Operating System, select Sign In 
  4. Sign in with your and password (for students, alumni and emeritus) or and password (for current employees)You may receive a popup asking to allow downloads, select Allow 
  5. On the next screen, select JoinNow 

  1. Select Install to install Minnesota State University Mankato eduroam MobileConfig  
  2. Enter your password to allow Install  
  3. Once you see the message Joined press Done to close the program
  4. Go to Settings. There should be a new tab below iCloud profile that says Profile Downloaded

  1. Click on it and install the profile 

  1. Go to Wifi and choose eduroam. It will connect automatically


Your iPhone should now be connected to the eduroam Wi-Fi network if eduroam is available where your iPhone is located.


The installer will attempt to "forget" the MavNet and MavNet-Encrypted networks if they have been used before. Forgetting the other networks is desirable to ensure that the device will prefer to use eduroam whenever it is on campus. To check this: 

1. Click on the Wi-Fi icon on the top right and select Open Network Preferences 

2. Select Advanced  

3. Highlight on MavGuest, MavNet and press the – to remove the network. Do the same for MavNet-Encrypted. 

Your iPhone is now set up to use eduroam. It will work wherever you are throughout the world that an eduroam network is available if you are a current student or employee at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Changing your StarID password will not require any Wi-Fi related updates on your iPhone.



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