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MATLAB - Install for Students

Question How do I install Matlab? Overview What is MATLAB? Simulink? MATLAB and Simulink are mathematical programming software for computing. They provide a variety of tools to help with

VPN Client Installation

StarID on both a Windows computer and a Mac. The VPN client is used to allow your computer to do tasks off campus that would usually require you to be on campus. Examples of this include but are not

Search For Dell Individual Drivers

Where do you download individual Dell drivers? ... Overview This articles notes down the step-by-step procedure for searching and downloading individual dell drivers  Resolution Navigate to Dell's website, Select

Turn Off Focused Inbox and Turn On Clutter

focused-inbox ... about.   Below are the instructions to turn off Focused Inbox and turn Clutter back on. Open a browser window to Click on the Login to MavMAIL/Office

Attach an email in Outlook for Windows

Overview How can I attach an email in Outlook to another email? Resolution Create a message, or for an existing message, click Reply, Reply All, or Forward. In the message window, on

View File Upload responses in Qualtrics

Upload question. Click the down arrow in the Actions column next. Click View Response. Locate the File Upload question. Click the name of the file to download.       Request Help

Adobe Acrobat is Asking for a Login/Trial Period

Question What can I do if Adobe is asking for a Login/Trial period?  Overview Please see Adobe's Website and follow the steps to try to resolve the issue   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Students can't see Turnitin® Originality Check in Assignments

Question I can see the Turnitin® Originality Check in Assignments, but my students can't. How do I allow Students to see the Turnitin® Originality Check results in Assignments? Overview To

Multi-Factor Authentication - New Android Phone

information-security ... Question How do I set up MFA on an android?  Overview On your Android smartphone, navigate to the Google Play Store App In the search bar, type Microsoft Authenticator Click Install

D2L Brightspace: Set-up the bookstore First Day® links in your course

are automatically opted-in to the program with registration. Adding the First Day link assures students can choose to opt-out of the course materials fee charged by Barnes & Noble if they choose. If the

Account locked out

edit. Enter the password that you use to log into windows and press the OK button. Update the password to your new one. Note:  You will only be able to change the

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Client Install

This article goes over the steps to install Perceptive Content / ImageNow Client ... Client Getting Help, use your Star ID to log in and find the client install link).  Login as local Administrator to computer. Grant "Write" access to the

D2L Brightspace: Create mobile responsive and accessible web pages in Content

Overview How do I add a web page to my course Content?  | How do I make my course more mobile friendly? | How can I use web page HTML templates in D2L? | How can I make my D2L content more

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Login with StarID

Question How do I login to ImageNow with my StarID? Overview The steps to be able to login with StarID to Perceptive Content / ImageNow are as follows: The Security Manager at your

D2L Brightspace: Upload Documents Directly from OneDrive (Instructors)

Question How do I upload documents from my OneDrive to D2L Brightspace? Overview Teacher and Teacher's Assistant users can upload and share Office 365 OneDrive documents with students in the