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D2L Brightspace: Re-Grading a Quiz Attempt or Question

Question How do I re-grade a quiz? I need to change the answer of a quiz question. Overview Click on quizzes Click the down arrow to the right of the quiz that needs to be graded

Create a New Bulletin on Carousel Digital Signage System

Question How do I create a bulletin in the Carousel system?  Overview 1.     From your desktop, open a Web Browser and go to 2

Dell Hardware Diagnostic Test

Question How do I run diagnostics on my Dell computer?  Overview For Dell computers, open the link:

Multi-Factor Authentication - Self-Enrollment by Phone

Question I don't have a smartphone or I don't want to use my personal smartphone. How can I enroll in multi-factor authentication? Overview Click to follow the link to self-enrollment

Outlook - Setup Out of Office Replies

will need to turn off automatic replies manually Note: If you do not see Automatic Replies, use Rules and Alerts to set up your out-of-office message. On the Inside My Organization tab, type

D2L Brightspace: Update the Instructor Profile widget on course homepage

Question What is the Instructor Profile widget? | How do I update the Instructor Profile widget in D2L Brightspace? | How can I add office hours or Zoom meeting info to the widget?  Overview

D2L Brightspace: Quiz Results Display Options

'When published, display to learners' menu: Check the box next to Attempt grade to display the quiz attempt overall score to students. From the drop down menu, select a display option. Note

MavLife/Ready Education Course Integration Overview

Assignments - D2L Grades - D2L Announcements - D2L Discussions - D2L [Coming soon!] Quizzes - D2L Where do Courses Integrations appear: Ready Home: Highlights appear in “Today’s Schedule” and

Create an Outlook Email Contact Group from an Email Message

sent to the people you want to include in the contact group. In the To or Cc box, highlight all the names with your mouse (Fig 1).     Right-click your selection and then click Copy, or

D2L Brightspace: Cannot Edit a Rubric

Question Why cant I edit my rubric?  Overview When a Rubric is associated to an Assignment submission folder or a Discussions topic and has been used to evaluate a thread or submission, it

D2L Brightspace: View Question Feedback in Quizzes

Attempts column Now you'll see the answers and feedback your instructor has selected for you to see after you take this quiz. Note: You may need to click the View Feedback arrow/link to see written

D2L Brightspace: Copy Courses

and add the course you wish to copy from: Enter the name of the course in the search box. Note: You can only search courses you are enrolled in as Teacher or Teacher’s Assistant. Click the

MavAPPS has no apps or showing old app

. If you are prompted please enter your starid and password. Note:  If you aren't prompted you should be able to skip to the last step. Click on Log On. All the applications that are available to you should be displayed.   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Can't send email from Classlist

field. Repeat steps 3. - 5. until you have entered all of the course section(s) you wish to email. Enter a subject and content, click Send when ready. Note: Using the BCC field assures that

D2L Brightspace: Save Courses from Inactivation/Deletion Process

, training, Quality Matters®, and regularly offered University courses. Save courses from inactivation/deletion with these steps: Sign on to D2L Brightspace with your Star ID credentials. Use My