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VALT 500 error

This is an error that some people have received after changing their starid. A few things that help Clearing Browser Cache Restarting computer VALT admin checking

How to Install Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff

downloaded onto your machine. You will likely find it in your Downloads folder 7. If prompted, click Yes to allow Microsoft Office to install 8. Once Office 365 is installed--this may take several

University Communication Tools

Question How do I communicate campus-wide messages? How do I share information with the campus audiences? What communications tools are available for marketing campaigns? Quick links

Adobe Creative Cloud Account Request - Faculty/Staff email and select Company or School Account Download the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) application NOTE: Most asset tagged machines already have the Adobe CC suite. If

Multi-Factor Authentication - Automatic Enrollment

laptop or desktop computer (Windows or macOS).  Sections labeled Mobile Device need to be performed on the mobile device (phone or tablet).   A mobile device (iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet) is

Renting a IT Solutions Academic Computer Center Lab(s)

access to the software on the machine and the Internet. A staff member helping everyone get logged in and going. Standard IT Solutions Center support provided throughout the rental period. Labs will

Student Adobe Access from Campus Computers

NOTE: If you do not have an account, please create an account from the Adobe Website or from the login screen All Adobe products on that machine are available for use during that login session

Student Adobe Suite for on Campus Computers

. If you do not have an account, please create an account from the Adobe Website or from the login screen. 3) All Adobe products on that machine are available for use during that

Opening SPSS with MavLabs

Log on to the machine using the format campus\StarID and password   NOTE: ab1234cd is an example of a StarID Click the box agreeing to the computer policy and click OK

How to Access MavLabs using Chromebook

can be installed through the Google Play store.     Navigate to Type in your starID and password to gain access. Navigate to the desired machine

Adobe Creative Suite and Imaging

popular creative suite applications into the University asset imaging process. That means that every asset tagged machine that leaves IT Solutions whether it be a newly purchased machine, or a re

Adobe Software Access for Students

Question How do I request Adobe access as a student? Overview  There are a few options to requesting access to Adobe for Students Students can login to classroom machines using MavLabs

Remote Desktop Direct Setup

Question How can I connect to my on campus desktop when I am off campus? Overview Prerequisites: Machine must be a Windows 10 workstation The workstation you want to remote to must

How to Find a Lost iPhone

version.   Tracking your phone using iCloud If you have an iPhone and no other Apple device, you can still track your iPhone from a Windows laptop or a MacBook.   Log in to iCloud

Windows frozen on startup configuring windows

turn off your computer. Configuring Windows updates x% complete.  Do not turn off your computer. Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update x of x... Working on updates x