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Bitlocker Recovery Key

Question My computer will not boot and says I need a recovery key, what can I do?  Overview If you see a prompt similar to this, please contact the IT Solutions Center

MNSU Mac Printers

Click the Add button to install the printer on the computer The newly installed printer should list in the pane with the other installed printers. Any non-network printers can be removed by

VALT 500 error

This is an error that some people have received after changing their starid. A few things that help Clearing Browser Cache Restarting computer VALT admin checking

Adobe Creative Cloud Account Request - Faculty/Staff

the webpage to install Adobe CC Open Adobe CC on your computer and login with your Adobe ID. From here, you can download any applications you may need You can use this account to install Adobe on two separate computers Request Help

Windows 10 System Updates

Click Update and Security Click Check for updates. Once that is done, if there are any necessary updates, your computer will automatically install them You may have to repeat

Troubleshooting WorkMSU.rdp connection

This is caused when the customer uses the built-in remote desktop already installed on a computer instead of using the downloaded WorkMSU.rdp program. If the user sees the above message, follow

Outlook - Import Outlook OST or Archive on Mac

Mac Archive.olm file then click Import Once your mail items have been imported, they will be available at the bottom of the left-hand column in Microsoft Outlook under the On My Computer section

Cisco Jabber Client: Individual Setup

    Note that the sign in process can take a while After successful sign in the default screen should appear. In the lower right corner check for a Tel:[Ext] and a green computer to verify

Installing Software from Software Center on Windows

Question How do I install software from Software Center onto my computer?  How do I install SPSS on my workstation? Overview Open Software Center.  Note:  If you have questions on

MavAPPS for Macs

. More than likely you will be prompted now for your login for your computer to verify it can install.  Enter your login and password and click on Install Software. Note:  This is the

ISRS Login Issues

the ISRS/Uniface icon from your desktop - you can drag the icon to the Trash Bin  Reboot your computer. After a reboot the icon will reappear on your Desktop Attempt to login again   If you

University Communication Tools

Question How do I communicate campus-wide messages? How do I share information with the campus audiences? What communications tools are available for marketing campaigns? Quick links

Adobe Asking for Sign-In on Windows PCS Before Opening PDFs

require signing in There are several ways to do this, here is one efficient method:  Using a PDF file on your computer (not in an email), right mouse click on the file to open the context menu

Respondus LockDown Student Browser

): Windows: 11,10, 8, 7 Mac: OS X 10.12 or higher Web Browser (Windows) or Safari (Mac) must function properly on the computer Adobe Flash Player Web camera (internal or external) & microphone A

Issuing a Cell Phone and Other Mobile Computing Devices

Question How do I get a company issued cell phone?  Overview Before issuing a cellphone, review the University's cell phone policy and the instructions below. Then fill out the review form