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ISRS Preferred Name

Overview To change your preferred name in ISRS, follow the steps below.  Resolution Preferred name is stored in the ISRS table: V_SYSTEM_PREFERRED_NAME In Uniface the name change can be

Force Quit on a Mac

force quit the application. Click on the Apple menu and select Force Quit or press Command - Option - Esc. Select the unresponsive app in the Force Quit window, then click Force Quit.       Request Help

Zoom Phone Voicemail Pin Reset

Settings > Login with your StarID and password Select Phone from the left-hand side Scroll down to PIN Code and select Show or Edit From there you can view your current pin or reset it   Request Help

Access to the Titanium Counseling Center Scheduling Software

. 2.     Include the user's first and last name, StarID or TechID, and the date their access should begin.

iOS Mail App: Action Required to Access Your Email

Click Delete Account Follow the instructions in this article to setup the account again:   Request Help

Request for RSO Email Account

Question I’m a student and looking to make a RSO account?  Overview   RSO or recognized student organization have to contact Emi Menk in Student Activities.  She will put in a request for

Find IP address on Mac OS

 icon or use the View menu to select Network Inside Network Preferences, select either Ethernet (for wired connections) or Wi-Fi on the left side, and your IP address will be displayed in the middle Request Help

FlexSync Classroom: Start or Stop Recording

Question How do I start or stop recording of a meeting in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview After joining your meeting, tap the Zoom Touch Display to unhide the controls, then tap the

Connecting to eduroam with Windows 10

internet ... Question How do I get eduroam to work? How do I login to eduroam? What Wi-Fi network should I use? For more information please visit our Eduroam Page. Overview eduroam is the

D2L Brightspace: Display Letter Grade

Question Why can't students see letter grades in D2L? Overview To display letter grades in D2L Brightspace Grades: 1. Click on the Assessment tab in the course offering 2. Click Grades

MavAPPS for Chromebook

Question How do I access MavApps from a chromebook or chrome device? Overview Navigate to the Google Play store and search Citirix Workspace. Install Citirix Workspace. Open Citirix

Back Up Outlook Rules (Windows)

rules listed here will be backed up, not just the selected rules Click Export Rules In the File name box, type the path and file name for the set of rules that you want to export (i.e

FlexSync Classroom: How to Control your Camera

Question How do I control the camera in FlexSync Classrooms?  Overview On the small classroom touch display, select Camera.             Use the preset controls or customize

Check for Local Administrator Rights on Windows

shown below   If your account does not have Administrator under your name and you believe to be in error, please contact the IT Solutions Center at or 507-389-6654.   Request Help

Remove From Email List

Overview A student who has graduated may still be receiving emails from MNSU by mistake. Resolution This typically means they have a forward in place. Provide the user with the necessary