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D2L Brightspace: Add video or audio feedback to an Assignments submission

Question How can I provide video or audio feedback on an Assignment submission in D2L Brightspace? Overview There are two options to explore: Kaltura Capture app on your device

D2L Brightspace: Adjusting Discussions Reply Setting

:// Login to D2L with your StarID and password Enter your course Click Communication and select Discussions from the drop-down menu Click Setting Uncheck Include original post in reply Click Save   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: About Discussions

Question How do I create small group discussions in D2L Brightspace? How do I reply to a Discussion thread in D2L Brightspace? Why can't my students see discussions forums/topics in D2L

D2L Brightspace: Email Group Members

Question My instructor says I have groups set up in D2L - how do I find out who is in my group? How do I email members of my group from D2L Brightspace? Overview There are two ways to email

D2L Brightspace: MavPASS Leader or SCoT Observer Course Access

Consulting on Teaching (SCoT) program with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - how do I give them access to my course materials and classlist? Overview Grant access to MavPASS Leaders

D2L Brightspace: Submit a request for third-party software integration

variety of Third Party Software that have learning tool integrations (LTIs) with D2L Brightspace. These integrations allow single click sign on, grade book sync, and linking items to Content, among

D2L Brightspace: About Sharing Course Materials

Question How do I share my D2L Brightspace course with another faculty or Teacher's Assistant(TA)? Overview There are two recommended options to share materials in D2L Brightspace: Export/Import a course package Shared development course   Request Help

Turnitin: Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace

Question What is Turnitin Online Grading? How do I set-up the Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace Assignments? Overview The Turnitin Online Grading tool allows

Access MavLABS from macOS

Question How do I access MavLABS on a mac?  Overview Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app from the App Store. Navigate to Click the Login button. Once

Adobe Creative Cloud Account Request - Faculty/Staff

Process to request Adobe as a staff, faculty or student worker only ... application and log in.  Most University computers already have the Adobe Creative Cloud application installed. If you already have the Adobe Creative Cloud application, skip to step the next

Upgrade PC to Windows 11

continue click "Install" 6. The install will begin and show a progress bar on your desktop. *The computer may restart multiple times during this process. You won’t need to log back in until

D2L Brightspace: Emergency Instructor Course Access

In the event that an instructor needs to substitute for another instructor during the course of a semester or after a semester has completed and contains the previous instructor's intellectual

D2L Brightspace: Upload Documents Directly from OneDrive

Question How do I upload documents from my OneDrive to D2L Brightspace? Overview Teacher and Teacher's Assistant users can upload and share Office 365 OneDrive documents with students in the

D2L Brightspace: Accessibility Checker

: Click the more actions button in the menu, this looks like three horizontal or vertical dots in a line. Click the expand to full screen button in the menu, this looks like four arrows pointing

D2L Brightspace: Attendance

entered, you will see a cause for concern icon by the names of users who meet or fall below threshold criteria in the Attendance column on the Attendance Data page. Check the box next to the Allow