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D2L Brightspace: Download Assignments Submissions

locate the pagination menu in the bottom right corner of the submission table. Select 200 per a page from the menu. Note: If you have more than 200 students in your course, you will need to repeat

Turnitin: About Turnitin

for originality check submitting to the database Turnitin: Set-up to use the Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool (Instructors): Turnitin: Login/access

D2L Brightspace: Add Feedback in Grades

, we recommend you provide feedback through the Grade options in those tools. The association then syncs the any feedback  to Grades automatically. To add feedback to a Grade item: Navigate to

Turnitin: How to submit and view a Turnitin Similarity Report in D2L Brightspace Assignments (Students)

Question How do I submit and view my Turnitin Similarity Report in D2L Brightspace Assignments (Students). Overview NOTE: Your instructor has to enable Students to view the report in order

Respondus: Allow Live Proctoring with LockDown Browser

: Navigate to Quizzes in your course. Click the LockDown Browser tab You will see a LockDown Browser start page, click Continue to LockDown Browser. Note: Sometimes it takes several

D2L Brightspace: Quiz Results Display Options

feedback or answers to students? Overview Use the Quiz Results Display options to customize what students see after they take a quiz attempt. To customize the Quiz Results Display in a D2L

Respondus: Monitor Known Issue with Facial Recognition and Masks

Brightspace. Issue Students wearing masks for protection from COVID-19 can result in the Respondus Monitor software to: Prevent students from starting a quiz, Unnecessarily flag submissions for

D2L Brightspace: Randomize Quiz Questions Using Question Pools

Question How do I add random questions in my D2L Brightspace course quizzes? How can I give each student a unique, randomized quiz? Overview Use a Question Pool to provide each student with

D2L Brightspace: Adjusting Discussions Reply Setting

:// Login to D2L with your StarID and password Enter your course Click Communication and select Discussions from the drop-down menu Click Setting Uncheck Include original post in reply Click Save   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Share Announcements

There are two steps to sharing an announcement with a department or group of faculty in D2L Brightspace: Export an Announcement Import the Announcement Export an Announcement This step

D2L Brightspace: About Quizzes

Question How do I create a Quiz? How do I answer my questions about using the Quizzes tool? What support articles are available for Quizzes? Overview Browse this list of support articles to

D2L Brightspace: Add video or audio feedback to an Assignments submission

Question How can I provide video or audio feedback on an Assignment submission in D2L Brightspace? Overview There are two options to explore: Kaltura Capture app on your device

D2L Brightspace: Reply to Discussion Thread

tutorial video on how to engage in D2L Brightspace Discussions as a learner/student or follow the steps: Login to D2L Brightspace with your Star ID credentials. Click on the course in which

D2L Brightspace: Key Things to Know About Sections

Question What is the Sections tool? What do Students see in the Classlist in merged/grouped classes? Overview Sections are automatically created when courses are added or merged/grouped in

D2L Brightspace: Submit a Quiz on a Student's Behalf

with an in-progress status on the Grade Quiz page, and the Impersonate icon appears next to the student's attempt. If you want to submit the quiz for the student, follow these steps: 1. Go to the