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MNSU Mac Printers

verify that you have the correct permissions   Open System Preferences by going to the System Preferences app in the Applications, or by clicking the gear icon on the Dock or by going to the

Document Conversion

Question How do I convert a document to a different file type? Overview We currently have ITS staff available to assist faculty in getting documents converted.  Guidelines to submit a

Share an Outlook Calendar With Someone

Overview This article goes over how one may share their outlook calendar with someone.. Resolution Navigate to your calendar in Outlook. Right-click on your calendar under My

Acceptable Use Policies

Question What is acceptable use consist of on MNSU Campus?  Overview The residence hall network is a shared resource designed for student access to the Internet for appropriate academic and

Outlook - Share Your Calendar/Mailbox

 Outlook and then choose Preferences Click the account that you want to add a delegate to, choose Advanced, and then choose Delegates In this view, you should be able to see Delegates who can act on my

D2L Brightspace: Respondus Monitor Known Issue with Facial Recognition and Masks

Question How do I turn off the 'facial recognition requirement' feature in Respondus Monitor?   Overview There is a known issue with Respondus Monitor while taking Quizzes in D2L

D2L Brightspace: Find a Student Who Has Disappeared From a Class

Question Did a student enrolled in one of my D2L Brightspace courses withdraw from it? Why did a student disappear from my D2L Brightspace course? Overview If a student officially withdraws

Change Default Email Address to

Question My emails are sending as a different email address instead of my Minnesota State Mankato email account.  How do I fix that?  I can't sign into an application on a Minnesota State

FlexSync Classroom: Join Meeting Without Audio

Question How do I join a zoom meeting without audio in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview A frequent issue people encounter while teaching from a FlexSync Classroom is that they want to be able

iOS MavMAIL (Office 365) Setup

Question How do I setup my iPhone or iPad with Office365? Overview Note: Instructions may vary depending on the version of the application you are using. Update the iOS Mail application

Guest Wi-Fi Access

Question How can I access the wireless (Wi-Fi) network if I am visiting the campus? How do I access the Internet as a guest? Overview The MavGuest Wi-Fi network is meant for family members

D2L Brightspace: Accessibility Checker

Question What is the Accessibility Checker in D2L Brightspace? What does the Accessibility Check do? Overview When creating content in any text box editor, the Accessibility Checker ensures

D2L Brightspace: Attendance

, and Present - P options. You can also create your own custom scheme. 5. Enter a percentage that indicates your minimum attendance requirement in the Cause for Concern field.  When a percentage is

Outlook Errors Profile Removal

errors. Click the Type here to search area located in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen Type Control Panel and click on the app to open. Choose Mail (32-bit) Note: If your view

Descriptive Video Services (DVS)

Question How do I get help with Description Video Services (DVS)? Overview We currently have IT Solutions staff available to assist faculty in descriptive video services (DVS) - also known