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Respondus: Give a Student Special Access in Quizzes to opt out of Respondus

the name of the Student(s) you wish to grant the “opt out” of Respondus Monitor for this specific quiz. Click the Add Special Access button. Click Save and Close. You will now see the Special Access changes listed by student.   Request Help

Account locked out

password and not the username. Click on the Done button. Repeat for the other accounts Back to top Clear Saved Passwords From Mozilla Firefox

D2L Brightspace: Remove Courses

button. Confirm by typing "remove" in the textbox, then click the Remove from Brightspace button. Your course will be inactivated and hidden automatically in your account in a few minutes.  Notes

FlexSync Classroom: Zoom Controlled by Crestron

does not have a big zoom touch display. It instead has a small Crestron display for connecting and controlling Zoom Instructions:   Connect to Zoom meeting using Crestron

SMS (Text Messaging) FAQs on Zoom Phone

FAQ for Zoom Phone SMS ... Frequently Asked Questions for Zoom Phone SMS Texting This is intended for Staff and Faculty Accounts Only. This is not for Student Zoom Accounts. *Please note that Minnesota State University

Windows 10 - Performing a network reset

helpful when you are having various networking issues.  This also means that any saved network passwords will be forgotten for things like Wi-Fi and you will have to reenter that information again.  You

Turnitin: Log in/Access

:// Click on the login link in the upper right-hand corner Under the email and password boxes, click on the Forgot your password? Click here button Enter your firstname.lastname

Windows frozen on startup configuring windows

to 20 minutes, then it is probably stuck.  The only way to fix this is to hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds and wait for the computer to completely shut down.  Then wait 5 to 10

D2L Brightspace: Create a Holistic Rubric

select Holistic rubric. Holistic: Holistic, single criterion rubrics (one-dimensional) are used to assess participants' overall achievement on an activity or item based on overall description

How to Find a Lost iPhone

itself, i.e., iPad, Apple Watch. Note: You need to make sure that the Find My option is enabled in all your Apple Devices. Click here for the steps to enable the Find My option. There are different

Respondus: Monitor Known Issue with Facial Recognition and Masks

face cannot be detected during Startup Sequence  Uncheck the box next to Notify students during the exam if face cannot be detected (prompt for a fix) Click the Save and Close button

MNSU Mac Printers

server. If not, it is most likely set up to print direct to IP To add the print queue, click the + button at the bottom of the pane where the installed printers are listed to get the

D2L Brightspace: Remove/Hide D2L Brightspace Courses with Inactivation

take a little bit for courses to load. 6. Check the box to select the sections you wish to remove/inactivate. 7. Click the Remove from D2L button at the bottom of the page. 8. Confirm

D2L Brightspace: Accessibility Checker

box in D2L Brightspace. Locate the Accessibility Checker button in the text box, it looks like an eye with a check box underneath it. Note if you do note see the checker icon, try these steps

Transfer Call in Zoom Phone

them. Transfer to voicemail: Transfers the call to the voicemail of a specified phone number. This transfer method might not work for all numbers. You can also transfer to voicemail by using DTMF